Passport Photo Regulations in the UK

Passport Photo Regulations in the UK
In September 2005, the Identity and Passport Service, an agency of the UK Home Office, implemented passport requirements for the purpose of capturing an accurate biometric according to international standards. Within those requirements, there are specific procedures that govern passport photographs. These regulations must be adhered to when you submit your two identical photos with your passport application to ensure that they are accepted.

General Requirements

You must be looking directly into the camera with a neutral expression. Your eyes and both sides of your face must be clearly visible. 

You cannot wear makeup.

Photographs Must

Photographs must be clear, in focus, have a clear background and be printed professionally.

Size and Paper

Photos must measure 45 by 35 mm and printed on high quality, low-to-medium gloss or matt photographic paper.

Glasses and Headwear

In most cases, wearing glasses and head coverings is prohibited in your passport photo.

Exception to Policy

Exceptions to the above include anyone under six years of age is not required to look directly into the camera; anyone with a disability that prevents them from following the requirements; and anyone who follows a religion that requires them to wear a head covering that does not cover any part of their face.

Article Written By Kwami K. Kwami

Kwami K. Kwami is the founder of Imagine-A-Nation Edutainment Media which produced PHAT LIP! YouthTalk Radio, the first internationally syndicated youth-oriented radio talk show. He is the author of "The Tables Have Turned: A Street Guide to Guerrilla Lawfare" and director of Do-It-Yourself LAW (Lay Advocacy Workgroups).

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