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    Camping & Cooking Outdoors
    Camping is a favorite activity for many outdoors enthusiasts. Proper planning goes a long way when you are camping and cooking in the outdoors. It is important to have everything you are going to need, from the right cooking gear to the right clothing to go along with the weather and the elevation at which you will be camping. Planning a variety of meals for your outing gives you plenty of fuel and flavor to enjoy your adventures in the outdoors.

    Camping Gear for the Outdoors

    Create a camping and cooking gear list early on when planning your outing. Don't forget the necessary amounts of clothing, first aid, water and bad weather gear.


    Cooking Gear for the Outdoors

    Cooking outdoors requires specialized, heavy-duty cooking supplies that will be able to work well with the heat from a camp fire. These items might include: cast iron pots and pans; cooking utensils with long, metal handles; metal lid grabbers; heavy-duty oven mitts and pot holders; fire starters; dry wood, kindling and tinder; dish soap and scrubbing tools; bottle and can openers; and food coolers with ice.

    Cooking Methods

    Propane gas and the necessary burners are the easiest to use for cooking outdoors. Charcoal briquettes are also very handy, as the number of briquettes can be manipulated to vary cooking temperatures.

    Recipes for the Outdoors

    Plenty of camp cooking recipes are available on the Internet, and it is wise to select a few that you have already tried to cook at home so meals in the outdoors are not disasters. Choose recipes that incorporate fish if you plan to have some fresh catch during your outing.

    Responsibility for the Outdoors

    Whatever you bring should also leave with you. Pack huge trash bags along for the ride so you will not run out of garbage-gathering capacity. Also, fully extinguish any fires you start.

    Article Written By Josh Nuttall

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