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  • Mackinac Island Facts

    Mackinac Island Facts
    Visit Mackinac Island (sometimes called Mackinaw Island), located east of the Mackinac Bridge that connects the lower and upper Michigan peninsulas. The island contains 70 miles of paved roads and dirt trails for environmentally friendly transportation methods like cycling and horseback riding.

    Island Arrivals

    Residents and tourists typically travel from mainland Michigan to Mackinac Island on a boat or ferry service. The island does not connect to the mainland over any road.



    There are no privately owned cars on Mackinac Island and most visitors travel by renting a golf cart or bicycle. Bring your own bike or pay for a full day.


    With no automobiles, Mackinac residents keep more than 600 horses for taxi and tour services. Tour the island on horseback or ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

    Adventure Tour

    Take the Adventure Tour for children and adults at historic Mill Creek Discovery Park. Traverse a bridge 50 feet above the forest floor, then ride on a 425-foot zip line through the trees.

    Winter Trails

    The Mackinaw Island Ski Club maintains several trains during the winter season. Cross country skiing and snowshoe rentals are made available at the Village Inn.


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