Requirements When Buying a Ticket to Fly

Requirements When Buying a Ticket to Fly
As you start planning your next outdoor adventure to explore a new location or attraction, remembering the basics of purchasing air travel will keep you on the right trail to an enjoyable experience.

Exact Dates

Airlines charge fees for tickets that need to be changed because the date was booked incorrectly. Be sure your dates are firm and confirm they are correct before purchasing your ticket.


To pass through the security checkpoint at an airport, each passenger 18 years of age and older is required to have a valid form of identification. Make sure you and your travelers have proper identification before booking tickets.

Exact Names

Because of security measures, name changes are tickets are not allowed on airline tickets. Ensure you enter in your name and the names of those traveling with you exactly as they appear on the form of identification to be used at the airport.


Payment is usually required at the time of booking. Credit cards are the preferred payment method.

Confirmation Code

After payment has been confirmed, the airline will issue you a confirmation code. You will be required to present this code at the airport to the ticketing agent to locate your reservation.

Article Written By Bobby Laurie

Bobby Laurie graduated college from the Pennsylvania College of Technology with a degree in mass media communication and journalism. After falling into the travel industry, Laurie currently works as a lead flight attendant for a domestic low-cost carrier as well as a freelance writer for and Trails Travel on

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