UK Passport Information

UK Passport Information
A UK passport is the primary travel and identity document of nationals of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (also known as Britain and Northern Ireland), issued by the national Government. The following specific rules and regulations apply regarding UK Passports.

General Information

A passport is necessary for all nationals, both adults and children, who intend to travel outside of the UK. UK passports are maroon in color, and all new passports are required to be biometric.

Time Frame

An adult passport lasts for 10 years and a child passport lasts for five. All passports are renewable at the end of each period.


A fee is charged for any individual wishing to obtain a passport. These rates vary depending on the type of passport. Up-to-date rate information is available online (see Resources).

Application Process

Passports may be applied for online, by mail or at any UK post office. Completion of an application form and photo ID are required. An in-person emergency service is provided at some passport office locations (see Resources).


Processing times can take up to three months during the peak summer travel season. Applying early during the off-season is highly recommended.

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