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    About Bansko
    Bansko is a picturesque town at the foot of the Pirin mountain range in Bulgaria. Here a traveler will find historical architecture, activities aplenty and a rich culture well worth exploring.


    The culture and traditions of the 10th century town of Bankso are celebrated annually throughout the town from May 17 to May 24. You will find many different activities; options for celebrating include art displays at the community center, culinary exhibits at Hotel Pirin and a flower festival in the square.

    Winter Sports

    The ski center is located in the center of town and boasts luxurious hotels for skiers and extreme snow boarders. The Bankso resort has the longest ski season and the best snow record in Bulgaria.

    Pirin National Park

    One of the oldest nature reserves, Bayuvi Dupki-Dzhindzhiritsa, is located in World Heritage national park at the base of the Pirin mountains. The park is home to endangered flora and fauna species; some of them are seen only in Bulgaria.


    The second highest peak in Bulgaria offers a challenging climb and scenic views. Visit the lakes (Vlahinski ezera) on the way back to town.

    Struma River

    Experience the rush of white water rafting in Struma Valley. Try canyoning, a thrilling combination of climbing, abseiling and jumping to maneuver around gorges and waterfalls.

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