Information on the German Autobahn Highway

Information on the German Autobahn Highway
The German Autobahn network consists of 12,000-plus kilometers of public roads that do not have speed limits. Most people think German cars speeding down the road is synonymous with autobahns, but that is not always true. Congestion on these highways frequently forces travelers to slow down and enjoy the view.


The Autobahn network ranks third in size (7,565 miles) after the highway systems in the United States and China.


Laws regarding alcohol consumption and driving are rigid in Germany. Do not drive if you think your blood alcohol level is above 0.5 per mg/ml.


Seat belts are required for both front and rear seat passengers. Because of safety concerns, you may not use your cell phone while driving.

Rest Areas

The Autobahn has rest areas every 40 to 60 kilometers. You will find a gas station, food options, telephones and bathrooms. Some feature hotels and churches are available as well. The 700 service stations are open 24 hours a day.


Bicycles and pedestrians are prohibited from using or being on the Autobahn. Any vehicle that can not achieve a speed greater than 60 km/hr (36 mph) is also not allowed.

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