Rail Travel in Eastern Canada

Rail Travel in Eastern Canada
Trains provide an exceptional alternative to air and automobile travel. Rail service gives adventurous travelers unfettered access to Canada's history, cities and natural landscape that makes for memorable experiences.


Trains connect all major cities and outlying areas in eastern Canada, known for its mix of highly populated cities and unmatched scenic beauty.

Via Rail

Via Rail offers daily passenger rail service to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Senneterre, Jonquiere, Gaspe and Halifax.


Outdoor enthusiasts use trains to plot a course through the country's diverse geography. Stops in remote areas allow travelers to explore the natural landscape on their own terms.

City Access

Multiple stops in major cities provide access to an abundance of city parks, hiking and biking trails; rivers and lakes. Eastern Canadian cities are also home to diverse populations and cultures from all over the world.

Guided Tours

Railways offer all-inclusive three-to-11-day tours. Packages include deluxe accommodations, guided city tours and stops near rivers, lakes, mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.


Tickets and tour packages are available for purchase on Via Rail's website or through travel agents.

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