About Pet Passports

About Pet Passports
United Kingdom and European Union countries' Pet Passports allows for easy pet travel within participating countries. The Pet Passport is available for dogs, cats and ferrets, and documents the animal's identification, vaccines and history.

Pet Passports

In 2001, the UK and several European Union countries developed the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) program that provides animals with a travel document to facilitate easy travel between the UK and participating countries, and allowing the pets to avoid quarantine.

Common Requirements

All countries have different requirements for entry. Travelers should consult their veterinarian or country embassy for specific requirements. The common requirements are that the pet must be micro chipped and must be vaccinated against rabies.

Getting a Pet Passport

Travelers should contact a veterinarian in their native country to obtain a pet passport.

Participating Countries

Participating countries include the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. A complete list of participating countries can be found in Resources below.

Non-participating Countries

Travelers are well advised to research pet travel document requirements for non-participating countries prior to travel. A detailed list of documents for over 180 countries can be found in Resources below.


Country requirements change frequently. Travelers are advised to check with their local veterinarian.

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