Alaska Cruise Information

Alaska Cruise Information
The unadulterated and vast wilderness of the Alaskan frontier attracts tourists from around the world. Alaska cruises sail through the Pacific and into the Arctic Ocean to view exotic wildlife on both land and sea. The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful as well. Skyscraping mountains, thick forests and glaciers make an Alaskan cruise a vacation of a lifetime.

Roundtrip Cruises

Roundtrip Alaska cruises offers the vacation option of a complete stay on the ship during the entire journey. These ventures are set on a schedule of destinations and events, and the passengers enjoy the scenery from afar.

One-Way Cruises

One-way cruises of the Alaskan shoreline are offered starting in Vancouver traveling north and from Anchorage traveling south. These cruises sail around the Gulf of Alaska.

Adventure Cruises

These are the smaller-scale cruises that not only sail the oceans but also the narrow waterways throughout Alaska. These smaller vessels are able to reach deeper into the Alaskan landscape than the larger cruise ships.

Luxury Cruises

A step up from the ordinary, these Alaskan cruises combine the exploration and adventure of touring Alaska with the luxurious accommodations of a five-star hotel.

Combination Cruises

Another Alaska cruise option is to combine both water and land tours. Visitors sail up to Alaska in a cruise ship and then enjoy tour-guided land trips to various Alaskan destinations.

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