U.S. Passport Information

U.S. Passport Information
A passport is not only a required document for entering many foreign countries, but is also needed to reenter the United States. Here's some information about U.S. passports that every American traveler should know.


To apply for a passport, fill in Form DS-11, the "Application for a U.S. Passport" (see Resources).


First-time applicants must visit an official Acceptance Facility or Passport Agency to submit their documents in person (see Resources).


You must submit proof of citizenship, which includes a certified birth certificate, naturalization certificate or consular report of birth abroad.


You also need to show proof of identification like a valid driver's license or government ID, and submit a photocopy of this proof.


Supply two colored passport photos and pay the application fee. If you need the passport sooner than two weeks for international travel or within four weeks for a visa, you can pay an additional fee for expedited processing.

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