Banff National Park Tourism

Banff National Park Tourism
Banff National Park came into existence after railway workers found a cave with hot springs on the eastern side of Alberta in Canada's Rocky Mountains in 1883. The park has glaciers, rivers, mountains and forests; it's a great getaway spot for outdoor lovers.

National Historic Site

The 1903 log building that houses Banff Park Museum is one of Canada's national historic sites. Prehistoric sites in the park include campsites and arrowheads, quarries and places where First Nations people butchered the animals they killed.

Wildlife Viewing

Here you'll find diverse wildlife such as cougars, lynx, white-tailed deer, moose, caribou, bighorn sheep, gray wolves, northern flying squirrels, pygmy owls, sharp-shinned hawks and rubber boa snakes.

Fishing and Boating

You'll need a National Park Fishing permit to try your luck catching and releasing yellowstone, rainbow, lake, brook and brown trout, salmon, smallmouth bass and splake. Try canoeing, kayaking, sailing or rowing on one of the park's lakes or rivers.

Hiking and Climbing

Hikers and backpackers will enjoy the many day hikes available at the park. Walkers can take self-guided interpretative trails. Fabulous climbing on bedded limestone, quartzites and dolomites is waiting for the mountaineer.

Camping and Lodging

Thirteen campsites in a variety of geographic locales are available for outdoor enthusiasts. If you prefer a bed, choose from a five-star resort, bed and breakfast, boutique inn, hostel, mountain lodge or rustic cabins.

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