Fishing Regulations in Ontario, Canada

Fishing Regulations in Ontario, Canada
If you fish in Ontario, Canada, there's a good chance you'll find the perfect spot to set your line and catch some of the many different species of fish that inhabit Ontario's waters. Just make sure you adhere to the government fishing regulations.

Types of Licenses

Ontario, Canada, offers two different types of fishing licenses. Sport fishing licenses are for anglers who want to catch and keep their fish. Conservation fishing licenses are for those who will release live most of the fish they catch.


You do not need a fishing license if you are a minor or senior, are mentally impaired, or a disabled Canadian resident. Aboriginal people may fish within their traditional or treaty areas without obtaining licenses.


Sport fishing license holders may possess a total of no more than five trout and one salmon per day. Conservation license holders may possess no more than two trout and one salmon per day.

Hooks and Lines

You may use only one line with no more than four hooks unless you're fishing from a boat or ice fishing, in which case two lines are permitted.

Live Holding Boxes

When using a live holding box, anglers must clearly label the box with their names and addresses. Labels must be visible without lifting the box.

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