Slickrock Creek Fishing Information

Slickrock Creek Fishing Information
Slickrock Creek is a fishing spot in and of itself. Anglers need skill and stamina to not only reach the creek but also to find the best place to set up and start casting. Slickrock Creek is a walk-in angling site.


Slickrock Creek begins in the foothills of North Carolina and runs into Tennessee.



No roads lead to Slickrock Creek. All access is made by hiking in along steep trails or fishing upstream. Ike Branch Trail is the easiest mode of entrance to Slickrock Creek.


Fishing in either state requires a license. A license from either state is usable along the border of North Carolina and Tennessee.

Fish Population

Slickrock Creek contains a majority of brown trout. Brook trout have also been caught by some anglers.

Lures and Limits

Slickrock Creek only allows single hook, artificial lures. The Slickrock Creek limit is four trout with a minimum length of 7 inches.

Best Fishing Times

The best time for fishing in Slickrock Creek is along the same lines as other angling sites. Dusk, dawn or overcast days will make for the best fishing.


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