The Best Time of Year to Visit Greece

The Best Time of Year to Visit Greece
Greece is a beautiful country that is considered to be the birthplace of Western democracy. The best time to visit Greece is between late April and mid-June. September to mid-October also promise good travel weather.

Avoiding Tourists

Traveling between late April and mid-June or September to mid-October ensures that you'll miss the onslaught of summer tourists. Tourists generally flow into Greece in July and August.

Saving Money

Because April to June and September to October are less busy months, hotel rates decline and places of interest are less crowded, so you'll get a more authentic experience for your money.


The weather in Greece from April to June is temperate and mild, ideal for touring. September and October are still warm, but you'll avoid the unbearably hot summer months of July and August.

Holidays from April to June

If you visit in April, you'll get to experience Easter in Greece, which is a major holiday. May 18th is International Monuments Day, and museums and archaeological sites offer free admission. May also features the famous Flower Festival, while June brings lots of music and sporting festivals.

Holidays from September to October

The Athens Hellenic Festival in mid-September features theater productions and street fairs. September also brings the Athens International Film Festival. Ochi Day, commemorating World War II events, is celebrated throughout all of Greece in October.

Article Written By Annie Wang

Based in Chicago, Annie Wang has been writing since 2008. Her work has appeared in World Architecture News and other online publications. She holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and art history from the University of California, Davis.

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