Hybrid Vs. Mountain Bike Tires

Hybrid Vs. Mountain Bike Tires
Hybrid bike tires are classified between mountain bikes and traditional road bikes. Hybrid tires are customarily for riders who encounter dirt or gravel trails but have no intention of taking their bikes into the mountains.



Very Rough Terrain

The knobs and deep grooves of mountain bike tires are made to take a beating on terrain with stumps, roots and other obstacles.

Own Category

Hybrid tires are not as fast as smooth tires on roads and are not able to be used as mountain bike tires. They are their own classification with their own uses.

Roads and Streets

Hybrid tires are wider and have more tread than smooth road tires. This allows the rider to be able to easily handle rough roads.

Unpaved Light Trails

While a traditional mountain bike tire will easily handle on dirt and/or gravel trails, hybrid tires can also handle them. By doing this, hybrid tires are a great option for the rider who crosses a variety of terrains.

Tread Patterns

Hybrid and mountain bike tires offer a variety of tread patterns. Riders should select a tread that fits the weather conditions they will be riding in.


Article Written By Casey Knopik

Casey Knopik grew up in the foothills of Mount Rainier and currently resides in the Seattle, Wash. area. He graduated from Eastern Washington University with a degree in journalism. Knopik has written for "The Easterner," "Sports Northwest Magazine" and many local newspapers. His articles appear on Trails.com.

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