What Has Better Diving: Maui or Oahu?

What Has Better Diving: Maui or Oahu?
Hawaii has incredible diving with diverse marine life. There are so many dive spots accessible as shore or boat dives. Depending on what you are seeking likely will determine which island you prefer: Oahu or Maui.


The Corsair airplane wreck is a great dive with sharks, rays, turtles, eels and fish settling at 113 feet on Oahu's Maunalua Bay. This is an actual World War II fighter plane that ran out of fuel and is close to the Yo-257 shipwreck.

Most Diverse Fish

Hanauma Bay on Oahu is an excellent shore dive with an outer reef sloping to 70 feet with an abundance of green sea turtles, reef gardens, fish and eels. Molokini Crater is an excellent boat dive off of Maui that includes all the amazing fish you hope to see as well as shy garden eels and manta rays.


If you are looking for amazing caves, the best place to go is on the Makena Coast on Maui. A place called "Red Hill" on the coast is a drift dive that leads to an incredible mix of caverns and rock formations with an abundance of sea life.


Turtle numbers have improved in Hawaii and sightings are much more common everywhere, but to see the endangered green sea turtle in an amazing trench, check out Turtle Reef on Oahu. This is a turtle sanctuary with an abundance of tropical fish.

The Best?

Both islands have something for every level of diver. Overall, Maui has more extreme environments with more fish in many locations.

Article Written By Kay Miranda

In 2001, Kay Miranda had her second screenplay purchased, then started writing a weekly column in "The Messenger," with work appearing in "Xquisite" and "Valley Scene Magazine." Miranda earned a Bachelor of Arts in bio-psychology from the University of Colorado. Fortunate to play collegiate tennis, Miranda has extensive travel and coaching experience.

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