Information on River Cruises in Mississippi

Information on River Cruises in Mississippi
Mississippi River cruises are a special way to explore the United States. The cruises trace the country's heritage by visiting ports that have enriched and helped to shape American culture.

Regional Exploration

Mississippi River cruises explore cities and the natural beauty of the South and Midwestern U.S.; notable ports include Chicago, New Orleans, St. Louis, Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga and Cincinnati.

Spirit of Peoria

The Spirit of Peoria is a three-day, two-night riverboat cruise from Peoria, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri. The all-inclusive cruise has an extensive itinerary that includes ballroom dancing, buffets, visits to state parks and famous landmarks; city tours and overnight stays at local hotels are available.

Twilight Cruise

The Twilight Cruise travels between the Iowa cities of Dubuque and Le Claire; the cruise includes a two-night stay at a hotel along the banks of the Mississippi River. The Twilight Cruise offers a great deal of insight about the Mississippi River, its landscape and wildlife.

Big Easy Harbor Cruise

Cruise along the New Orleans Harbor for 1.5 hours and see notable landmarks, including St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square and the French Quarter. The cruise is offered on Saturdays and Sundays.

Niagara Prince

Hop aboard this 14-day cruise from Chicago to New Orleans to experience a unique combination of entertainment and outdoor activity. Travelers will enjoy the natural wildlife, fine dining, deluxe accommodations and breathtaking scenery.

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