Maui Passport Information

Maui Passport Information
Maui, the second largest Hawaiian island, offers visitors an array of natural wonders to explore, from coral reefs to rainforests. Passport laws are the same as in the rest of the United States.


Foreign travelers entering the United States in Maui must have passport identification. U.S. citizens can show photo identification such as a driver's license or birth certificate.

International Travel

U.S. citizens must show a passport when entering Maui from another country or when leaving the United States from Maui.


U.S. citizens traveling on cruises that don't stop outside U.S. territory should be exempt. Check with the cruise line.


In an effort to combat terrorism, the United States takes fingerprints of all foreign travelers entering the country. Visitors will be asked for their fingerprints when entering U.S. Customs.


Foreign visitors who plan to stay in Maui for longer than 90 days, or who plan to work or study in Maui, will need a visa. Different visas are available for work, study and travel.

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