Camping Cooktops

Camping CooktopsDid you ever wonder how the first camping cooktop originated or what types of stoves are available today? Getting up to speed on the latest information on camping cooktops before your next trip could prove to be as important as what you decide to cook on it.


First produced in Sweden in 1892, camping cooktops originally took the form of a pressurized kerosene stove. Propane fueled versions, like those used today, were not introduced into production until the 1950s.


Camping cooktops are a portable option for those wishing to cook food over a steady heat, working in a very similar manner to a gas range in a home.


Depending on the brand, there are three main types of camping cooktops available, each running off different fuels: propane, gasoline or camp fuel. Models known as dual camp stoves work using a choice of two different fuel types.


There is a vast range of sizes available from compact models, designed for backpacks, to elaborate table versions that boast up to four burners and extra conveniences, such as fry baskets and grill tops.


A camping cooktop provides even cooking and more accurate timing for the cook on the go, compared to other portable cooking devices, such as charcoal grills and open flame pits.


Camping cooktops can produce carbon monoxide and should never be used in an enclosed space. Also, set up the stove on a flat, level surface and keep away from combustible materials while in use.

Article Written By Paisley Parmer

A full-time home educator and mother, Paisley Parmer is a Central Florida native. Parmer writes education-related articles with forays into travel and family-related topics. Her work has been published on various websites.

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