Information About the Volcano Colima

Information About the Volcano Colima
The Colima Volcano is a volcano located in Jalisco, Mexico. It is 300 miles west of Mexico City and 80 miles south of Guadalajara, Jalisco. Colima is the most active volcano in Mexico.

Two Volcanoes

Colima is actually made up of two volcanoes, the older Nevado de Colima to the north and the younger Volcan de Colima to the south. The Volcan de Colima is the most active part of the volcano.

Cultural Significance

According to local legend, the friendly God of Fire lived atop the Nevado de Colima. His hot-tempered younger brother lived in the Volcan de Colima and punished anyone who displeased him. "Colima" translates roughly to "place dominated by the fire god."

Recent Activity

The Colima Volcano has erupted more than 40 times since 1576. The most recent eruption began in February 2007. The Colima volcano has been active for more than 5 million years.

Surrounding Area

Thanks to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil, the area around Colima is lush and fertile. The nearby Carrizalillos Lake is popular with hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, with kayaking day tours available.

Travel Tips

Visitors to the Colima area should check with local authorities before hitting the trail, as the volcano is still active.

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