Rocky Point, Mexico, Border Rules

Rocky Point, Mexico, Border Rules
Rocky Point, also called Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, is a popular tourist location, especially for regional visitors from Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. Beach-lovers and adventure travelers head to Rocky Point to enjoy water sports, horseback riding, kayaking and other outdoor activities. Crossing the U.S.-Mexico border can be a tedious process, but if you know some of the rules ahead of time, your border crossing will go smoother.


You may only cross the border at Rocky Point from 6 a.m. to midnight.


You are required by law to have Mexican automobile insurance for your vehicle when you cross the border.

Transporting Goods

If you are transporting specific goods over the border, you must declare anything that is above the limit set forth by Mexican law. Failure to do so may result in confiscation of your vehicle and personal belongings.

Import Taxes

You must pay import taxes on any items that are declared over the allowed limit before you cross the border.


You do not need a passport or visa to cross at Rocky Point, but you will need your U.S. passport to re-enter the United States after your trip.

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