Cabo San Lucas Facts

Cabo San Lucas Facts
Cabo San Lucas rises up like a tropical oasis in the Mexican desert. Located at the southernmost tip of Baja California, it is full of adventure, from sightseeing in the natural desert to windsurfing along the beautiful shores in the Sea of Cortez.

Hotel California

The landmark Hotel California, located north of Cabo San Lucas in Todos Santos, beckons with its history and elegance, and it must be visited when staying in Baja California. A walk through the marketplace on the ground level provides a glamorous and tropical view of the desert.

4-by-4 Safari

Plan a day trip on a fun-filled adventure tour of the Baja desert on all-terrain bus, hosted by Cabo Adventures. Each tour is organized in small groups and leaves time for plenty of beautiful desert photo opportunities while learning about the local plant and wildlife.

Swim with Dolphins

At Cabo Dolphins, a subsidiary of Cabo Adventures, visitors can get personal with the smartest mammals of the sea. After a brief training session, small groups of visitors can play with the dolphins in their own enclosure, an experience that will last a lifetime.

Dive in the Sea of Cortez

The best scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas is found near the well-known arches for beautiful reef views as well as plenty of fish. More experienced divers can see the deeper "sandfalls," a natural phenomenon where sand is seen pouring over rock faces into the underwater canyon below.


Because of the warm waters and windswept oceans, the Sea of Cortez has some of the best windsurfing. Just north of Cabo San Lucas the eastern coastal region is often secluded and a prime location to windsurf during the winter.

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