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  • Facts on Camp Grafton in North Dakota

    Camp Grafton is the main base for the Army National Guard in North Dakota. The Camp Grafton Training Center is made up of a number of properties, including Camp Grafton North, Camp Grafton South, several local training areas throughout North Dakota (Williston, Douglas Creek and Camp Davis), and Air Defense Artillery weapons simulators located in Grand Forks, ND. 
    Camp Grafton is located on the northeast shore of Devils Lake, the largest natural lake in North Dakota. The Camp Grafton Training Center houses the 164th Regional Training Institute, the 136th CSS Battalion and the 3662nd General Support Maintenance Company. (Pictured below: Grand Forks, ND)
    Facts on Camp Grafton in North Dakota


    Camp Grafton was once known as Rock Island Military Reservation. In 1921 it was renamed Camp Gilbert C. Grafton in honor of the Lieutenant Colonel from North Dakota who died in World War I. Camp Grafton was formed in 1904 when 1,500 acres of land was ceded by the federal government to the state of North Dakota to be used as a permanent military reservation for the North Dakota National Guard. 

    Devils Lake

    Devils Lake is the second largest body of water in North Dakota and the largest natural body of water in the state. It is a popular place to go open water fishing and ice fishing and is considered the perch capital of the world. The lake is home to the Sullys Hill National Game Preserve, located on the southern shore of Devils Lake. Grahams Island State Park encompasses an entire island located within the lake. The lake was at one time home to Black Tiger State Recreation Area and the Shelvers Grove State Recreation Area but both areas have since closed due to flooding.

    Devils Lake is prone to flooding, primarily because it is a closed lake of a drainage basin. Though the lake is usually shallow, levels can flucuate greatly. Recently, water levels have been rising every year and threaten to flood not only Camp Grafton but also the towns, homes, businesses and farmlands surrounding the lake. 

    Grafton South

    Camp Grafton South is located on 10,000 acres of eastern tall grass prairies and western mixed grass prairies. Prairies containing both are known as transitional grasslands. Camp Grafton South is one of the largest contiguous transitional grasslands in the state. Since 1920, the grasslands have been used for grazing as well as a combat training area. To maintain the grassland as a grazing area, the grasslands are leased to local ranchers and the money from the grazing licenses are reinvested into the training facility. 


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