Facts on Camp Grafton in North Dakota

Facts on Camp Grafton in North Dakota
Camp Grafton is on Devil's Lake. At more than 100,000 acres, it is the largest natural lake in North Dakota. The area offers historic walking tours, camping, boating, wildlife on view and the Lake Region Birding Trail, which features prairie, woodland and wetland birds.




Camp Grafton is used by the National Guard and contains a fitness room, paintball course, boat launch and disc golf course.


Camp Grafton Training Center is the collective name for several training areas, including Camp Grafton North and South, Air Defense Artillery simulators (which are situated in Grand Forks) and a collection of local training areas (Williston, Douglas Creek and Camp Davis) within North Dakota.


The training center can be reached by rail, bus, air and automobile. Devil's Lake includes an Amtrak stop, bus service routes and an airport with daily flights.


Camp Grafton was once Fort Trotten and has been used by the military since 1867.


Currently, training occurs all year long at the facility, which is used by law enforcement and state agencies in addition to its military functions.


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