British Passport Information

British Passport Information
Passports are required for all UK citizens who wish to travel abroad. They are proof of your identity and are a way in which countries are able to regulate their borders.

Who Can Apply

You are eligible to apply for a full British passport as long as you are age 16 or over and either a British citizen, British overseas territories citizen, a British subject, a British national (overseas) or a British protected person.


You will need to submit a completed application that has been countersigned by another British passport holder who can verify your identity. Documentation showing proof of eligibility, such as a full birth certificate as well as passport photos, is also required.


As of 2009, fees for a first adult passport or to renew a passport is 77.50 pounds while children's passports cost 49 pounds.

Submitting Application

If you are renewing by mail or online, the application takes three weeks to process. The post office check & send service takes two weeks to process and in person applications can take as little as one day. If this is your first passport you will need to do an interview which can delay the application process by up to six weeks.

Lost or Stolen Passports

If your passport is lost or stolen, you will need to fill out form LS0,1 which you can get from your local police station. If your passport is lost or stolen while abroad, it will need to be reported to the nearest UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


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