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  • Is Walking Better Exercise Than Bicycling?

    Is Walking Better Exercise Than Bicycling?
    Though they have their differences as low-impact, calorie-burning exercises, both walking and biking provide people with an effective way of managing weight and improving overall health.


    Both walking and biking can be done in a multitude of ways, whether you are exercising from within the comfort of your home on a treadmill or stationary bike or heading outside to the streets, sidewalks and parks in your city. People who are looking for a more vigorous and challenging exercise can venture to backcountry trails and land.


    With a little time management, biking and walking can be cheap and healthy modes of transportation. According to the California Center for Physical Activity, by leaving your car at home for a few trips, you can reap the health rewards of increased physical activity, feel more connected to your community, help protect the environment and save money normally spent on gasoline and parking costs.


    Think about your current physical ability and time restraints before strapping on your walking shoes or bicycle helmet. Biking is generally a faster and more intense cardiovascular workout, while walking's generally slower pace is more suitable for people of all ages and physical ability.

    Benefits of Walking

    The Mayo Clinic states that walking is one of your body's most natural forms of exercise, and it helps lower low-density lipoprotein cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol), raise high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ("good" cholesterol), lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of or manage type 2 diabetes, and improve your overall mood. Walking also is safe, simple and doesn't require practice.

    Benefits of Biking

    On top of being a great mode of transportation, cycling uses the whole body and builds your stamina. The activity also improves overall cardiovascular fitness because the heart pumps to keep in time with all the movement. The action is steady and continuous. According to Health Talk Now, biking revs up the metabolism, which burns calories, reduces fat and creates lean muscle in its place.


    Article Written By william dingwall

    William Dingwall is an artist and graphic designer. His work can be seen in many Fort Collins galleries and around town. Dingwall has a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with concentrations in painting and graphic design from Colorado State University. He writes professionally for Demand Studios.

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