About Gym Climbing Ropes

About Gym Climbing Ropes
Gym climbing ropes are a great way to get in shape. Ropes are versatile workout tools because they target the upper body, the core and enhance flexibility. This versatility is the reason why rope climbing has long been a standard part of military training.


Many beginner rope climbers add knots to the rope for easier climbing. Knots should be added every 2 feet for those looking to start off with a little help.


Gym climbing ropes are traditionally made of manila, but many ropes are made of a polypropylene or polyester blend.


By running the rope over the top of one foot and pressing down with the other foot, you can lock the rope in place. This is useful while climbing for rest or transitioning into upward movement.


Rope climbing is tough work and can be hard on your hands. Climbers who don't want to develop callouses should wear gloves (particularly if using a manila rope). Many people also powder their hands with chalk to enhance their grip.


Most technical climbing rope is not suitable for gym climbing. Climbing ropes are designed to be used with harnesses, while gym ropes are meant to be climbed directly, hand over hand. As such, gym climbing ropes should be at least 2 inches in diameter to be properly gripped.

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