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  • Dangerous Train Travel Through Europe

    Dangerous Train Travel Through Europe
    Train travel is a popular way to explore Europe. Europe's trains are modernized and generally very safe. The danger comes from petty thieves who target tourists. Arm yourself with information before traveling, and you will be able to avoid the dangerous elements that could spoil your vacation.

    Money Belts

    Use a money belt. In the event that you are targeted by a thief, you will find continuing your trip easier if you have your ticket stub, passport and money tucked safely away beneath your clothes.

    At the Station

    When you arrive at a new location or are overwhelmed by your luggage at the train station, it is easy to become complacent. Stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings to ensure that you won't have your luggage stolen before you even get on the train.

    On the Train

    Traveling by yourself, especially if you are a woman, can be especially dangerous. If you are not able to travel with a buddy, be sure to share a cabin with someone on the train.

    Train Stops

    Thieves who target tourists on trains frequently jump on the train when it stops, rob some people and get right back off before the train continues to its next stop. Stay alert and keep your belongings close when the train stops in order to avoid being a target.


    Designer luggage, totes and purses will draw the eyes of thieves faster than plain items.


    Eastern Europe is especially well-known for its train thieves who inject sleeping gas into trains in order to rob travelers.

    Article Written By Jessica Morelock

    Jessica Morelock began her professional writing career in 2007, after a three-year stint as a producer and co-host on Sirius Satellite Radio. She has also worked for the airline industry and as a travel agent. She completed a bachelor's degree in political science at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

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