Train Travel in China

Train Travel in China
China has updated and new trains running throughout the major cities and across the countryside. Traveling through China by train instead of airplane often saves money. Many routes offer high-speed and overnight options with modern amenities such as air conditioning and private sleeping carriages.


Reserve tickets early during the Spring Festival and other holidays. Purchase tickets at train station ticket windows or order tickets from a local hotel for a small fee.

Train Types

Save on fares with a K or T category train compared with the modern, high-speed D and Z class Chinese trains. K and T trains often have air conditioning and restaurant cars.

Sleeper Types

Rest during a long journey in a six-bunk hard sleeper carriage, which is ideal for backpackers. New and refurbished trains have power sockets inside sleeper compartments.

National Routes

Overnight D, T and Z category sleeper trains are available for the 900-mile trips between Beijing and Shanghai.

International Routes

Two sleeper trains depart weekly from Beijing to Hanoi and Saigon, Vietnam. Organized tours run from Lhasa, Tibet, into Nepal as of October 2009.

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