Indiana Toll Road Information

Indiana Toll Road Information
The Indiana Toll Road, part of Interstate 90, is one of the oldest segments of the Eisenhower Interstate System. Indiana, along with a number of other states, finances its support of infrastructure with user fees.


Indiana began construction on its toll road in 1951, five years before authorization of the national project by Congress. In 2006, the state leased the road to a consortium of Spanish and Australian companies that manages the road today as ITR Concession Company LLC.


The 157-mile-long Indiana Toll Road (ITR) connects the Ohio Turnpike to the Borman Expressway, where the Chicago Skyway (I-90), I-80 and U.S. 41 meet near Hammond. ITR directly serves Gary, Valparaiso, LaPorte, South Bend and Elkhart.


ITR connects with I-65, I-69 and I-80 and intersects major U.S. routes 12, 20, 23, 31, 41, 49 and 131. It connects Valparaiso and Notre Dame universities as well as the campuses of Indiana and Purdue universities in Fort Wayne.


ITR's "electronic tolling" system is called "I-Zoom"; the current rate for two-axle vehicles is $4.65. Non I-Zoom two-axle vehicles pay $8; a rate increase beginning in 2010 was possible as of October 2009. ITR has reciprocal agreements with states using I-Pass (Illinois) and E-Z Pass (Northeast and Mid-Atlantic).


Ten travel plazas with information, gasoline and restaurants are located along ITR. Emergency stopping is permitted; dial 911 for emergencies.

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