Hybrid Bicycles Vs. Mountain Bicycles

Hybrid Bicycles Vs. Mountain Bicycles
You may want to hit the rugged trails on a bicycle or just explore the city streets or bike path. You might want to take a look at a mountain bike or a hybrid bicycle, which attempts to combine some of the features of both a mountain bike and a road bike. Knowing the differences between a hybrid and mountain bike can help ensure you get the right bike for you.


Mountain bike handlebars are angled perpendicular to the ground to allow for riders to press against them while going downhill. Hybrid bike handlebars are often a little higher and angled upward, to allow for a riding stance that emphasizes visibility.


Mountain bike frames are designed with abuse in mind. Most hybrids could take some light trail riding, but are not meant for sustained shock.


Mountain bike tires are typically 26 inches in diameter, while hybrid tires are 29 inches to create a more efficient ride on city streets.


Mountain bike tires are knobby for gripping dirt and rock, while hybrid bike tires are typically designed more for wet-weather traction.


Mountain biking gears are often designed for more precise work and slower maneuvering. Hybrid bikes often have more gears to choose from when climbing hills or speeding down roads.

Article Written By Louie Doverspike

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