Bicycle Helmet Safety Facts

Bicycle Helmet Safety Facts
Few things are more important to your continued safety while on a bike than a good helmet. Head trauma is one of the most likely injuries of a bicycling accident and the results are often devastating. Wearing a helmet at all times has been proven to keep you safer while on the road.


The average composite victim of bicycle accidents resulting in death is a male riding on a busy street in the evening without a helmet.


Every year, 67,000 bicyclists report to the emergency room with head injuries. A little more than one-third of these will require hospitalization.


It is estimated that a bicycle helmet can prevent 45 to 88 percent of brain injuries experienced while riding.


It is estimated that injuries afflicting riders not wearing helmets costs $81 million every year.


As of 2009, about half of the states in the U.S. require bicyclists on the road to wear helmets.

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