Survivalist Tips

Survivalist Tips
Being a survivalist means being prepared for potential disasters, including having the knowledge to respond appropriately to a variety of life-threatening situations. You and your loved ones can become better prepared for emergencies by following some basic survivalist tips.


Water should be one of your first priorities in an emergency. If you believe that the utilities at your house may be disrupted, fill bathtubs, buckets and other containers with water.

First Aid

Keep a first aid kit on every floor of your house and in your car. Know how to use them and include a comprehensive first-aid guide in every kit.


Have several basic tools on hand. These include conventional or crank-powered flashlights, an emergency radio and a manual can opener.

Edible Plants

Knowing all of the different edible wild plants can take a lot of work. Luckily, most people are probably familiar with some of them, including cattails, dandelions and pine needles.


Prepare a notebook full of useful information. This should include emergency contacts, government hot lines and directions for leaving your city without using the highways, in case they are packed.

Article Written By Louie Doverspike

Based in Seattle, Louie Doverspike has been a professional writer since 2004. His work has appeared in various publications, including "AntiqueWeek" magazine, the "Prague Post" and "Seattle Represent!" Doverspike holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Hamilton College.

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