Information About Ice Fishing in Mosquito Lake, Ohio

Information About Ice Fishing in Mosquito Lake, Ohio
Fishing is a great activity to get you outside and enjoying the outdoors. As Ohio's second largest lake, Mosquito Lake attracts visitors year-round to fish its bountiful waters. During the winter months, ice fishing is a favorite pastime for novice and seasoned anglers alike.


According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Mosquito Lake was developed under the Federal Flood Control Act, with the dam's completion in 1944.



Mosquito Lake is a 7,850-acre lake boasting 40 miles of easily accessible shoreline and five recreational facilities maintained by he U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It is located just outside of Cortland and only 50 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio.


Anglers are able to fish Mosquito Lake 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year. During the winter season ice fishing is at your own risk. According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, all ice anglers using shelters and tip-ups must visibly display the name and address of the owner and have holes no larger than 12 inches in diameter and may not use more than six tip-ups and two rods per person.


Mosquito Lake features one of the highest densities of walleye in the state, and anglers can expect to pull walleye and panfish while ice fishing during the winter season.


Anglers must follow all Ohio Fishing Laws including a valid fishing license. Be sure to review all Ohio fishing regulations prior to ice fishing on Mosquito Lake.


Article Written By A.C. Bauer

A.C. Bauer is a seasoned adventurist with explorations spanning four continents, including hiking Machu Picchu, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, running the Ice Age Trail and road biking out of her front door. She has written marketing materials for eight years and worked for Red Bull, Disney and Dick's Sporting Goods, and received a master's in recreation and sport science from Ohio University.

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