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  • Why Should Bikers Wear Helmets?

    You may be tempted to ride a motorcycle without a helmet for the "feeling of freedom." However, you won't feel nearly as free if your bike or license is taken away from you because you didn't wear one. Putting on a helmet could also save your life.
    Why Should Bikers Wear Helmets?


    Although biker helmet laws and fines vary between jurisdictions, it won't take too many checks made payable to state courts to hammer home the importance of wearing a helmet, if only for financial reasons.


    Head Injuries

    Head injuries are the leading cause of motorcycle-related fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and bikers who don't wear a helmet are about 40 percent less likely to survive an accident.

    Flying Objects

    A motorcycle helmet protects your head and face from rocks, rubber from blown tires, garbage discarded from moving vehicles and other road debris.


    A helmet is the best hat a biker can wear in the cold and rain. Vents provide airflow in the warmer months.


    Motorcycle helmet visors keep the wind out of your eyes, improving your visibility and reaction time. Visors also protect against debris and can shade your eyes from bright sunlight, or oncoming headlights at night.


    Wearing a helmet allows bikers to communicate with a passenger or other riders using headsets. You can warn others of dangers ahead or communicate your intentions when moving at high speed.

    Article Written By Christopher DiSabato

    Christopher DiSabato has worked in staff and freelance media roles since 2001. He holds a B.A. in communications and culture from the The City University of New York, a master's degree in entrepreneurship and innovation from the Luxembourg Business Academy and a TEFL diploma. He is a member of both the Society of Professional Journalists and the American Copy Editors Society.

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