Lost Passport Document Requirements

Lost Passport Document Requirements
The U.S. Department of State outlines specific requirements for reporting lost passports and replacing them. Several documents are required in the event of a lost passport. These include forms, photos, identification and others.

Form DS-64: Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport

This form allows you to report a passport lost or stolen. Be sure to complete the form accurately and provide as much detail as possible, then sign and date it. You may submit this form by itself if you do not want to apply for a new passport or with the application for a new passport.

Form DS-11: Application for a U.S. Passport

This form is required to apply for a new passport. Be sure to complete it thoroughly either online or by hand. But do not sign the form until personnel at the acceptance facility tell you to do so.

Passport Photos

Two identical color passport photos must be submitted with the passport application. The photos must have been taken within the past six months and must show the full front view of the face on a plain background.

Proof of U.S. Citizenship

Proof of U.S. citizenship must be submitted with the application, but these items will be returned to you with the passport. Acceptable documentation includes a birth certificate, naturalization certificate or citizenship certificate.


Applicants must show identification when applying for a passport in person. Driver's license, government identification, military identification or naturalization certificate are some acceptable forms of identification. A photocopy of the identification is required to submit with the application.

Passport Fees

A check or money order for the applicable passport fee is also required. Passport fees may change often, so it is best to consult with the passport acceptance facility for information about current fees.

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