Lake Powell Camping Rules

Lake Powell Camping Rules
Most people who visit Lake Powell camp on their air-conditioned houseboats and cabin cruisers. More adventurous folks hit the beaches with tents and sleeping bags. Either way, the rules are the same.


The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Lake Powell are managed by the National Park Service, and they make the rules. The lake offers the easiest way to get to camping sites near the water.


Campers setting up a primitive campsite on Lake Powell do not need a special backcountry permit. You will need proper permits for your boat, however. Camping is permitted everywhere along the shore, except at the marinas.

Waste Disposal

If you're camping within 200 yards of the lake, your camp must have a portable toilet, and you need to use it. As an alternative, you can purchase a Waste Bag Containment System from a sporting goods retailer. You must pick up after your pets, as well.


You cannot use any wheeled conveyance in the park except on established roads, and that includes bicycles. The only place you can go off-roading is at Lone Rock Beach.


If you pack something in to your campsite, you must pack it out.


The Lake Powell region is famous for severe flash flooding, so it is never a good idea to camp in or next to a wash or gully. A distant cloudburst can wash your tent away, even when you don't see a drop of rain.

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