Passport Photo Making Software

Passport Photo Making Software
Users of passport photo making software can create passport photos through a simple process requiring basic computer knowledge.

Software Requirements

Minimum hardware requirements (memory, operating system) must be met for the software to function properly. If printing photos at home, additional requirements include high-quality photo paper, a color printer, digital camera, Internet connection (in some cases) and compatible computer.

Basic Software Functionality

Functionality varies, but most software will have the following capabilities: capturing the image, editing the image and printing the image.

Additional Software Features

Passport photo software programs might include auto-editing features that will adjust the size of photos based on certain country passport requirements and will then print according to passport regulations for borders and image quality.

Passport Photo Making Process

The process includes capturing the image, then transferring the image to the computer and software. Editing the image could include cropping, centering or adjusting the size of the image. Once the image is ready, the passport photo can be printed.

Where to Purchase Software

Computer and software retailers might offer passport photo programs. There also are companies that allow you to download the software directly from a website.

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