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  • Differences Between Running & Walking Shoes

    Differences Between Running & Walking Shoes
    When it comes to choosing athletic shoes, it is recommended to select shoes designed for a specific activity. This means running shoes will be picked for running and walking shoes for walking. Not having the correct footwear can lead to a variety of foot and joint problems over time.


    Running shoes have significant features such as motion control, stabilizers and plenty of midsole cushioning. Runners need these enhancements because they hit the ground with more force than walkers. Walking shoes, however, need features like lightweight, comfort and flexibility.


    Protection from injuries is an equally necessary feature from both shoes. Whether you are running or walking, the shoes should have torsional and flexion stability to protect feet from the adverse impact of excessive pronation. Stabilized shoes will lessen the possibility of ankle sprains for both activities.


    Running shoes have more style options than walking shoes. They are more popular and can be bought in hundreds of colors and designs. This is because shoe manufacturers have been making running shoes a lot longer than walking shoes.

    Weight and Midsole

    Walking shoes are lighter than running shoes because they have thinner midsoles. Thinner midsoles allow for a more natural foot roll from the heel through to the toes, whereas running shoes offer heavier and thicker midsole for cushioning and shock absorption.

    Outsole and Flexibility

    Walking shoes are generally more flexible than running shoes. A flexible outsole for walking shoes is necessary because a walker rolls farther off the toes at the end of each stride than a runner. In contrast, outsoles are made stiffer on running shoe models to protect from the strain and impact of running.

    Article Written By Rona Aquino

    Rona Aquino began writing professionally in 2008. As an avid marathon runner and outdoor enthusiast, she writes on topics of running, fitness and outdoor recreation for various publications. Aquino holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications and English from the University of Maryland College Park.

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