Philippine Passport Information

Philippine Passport Information
Philippine passports are issued to citizens of the Philippines. There are three types of passports (regular, diplomatic and official) that can be obtained by citizens through the Philippine Consulate.

Who Can Apply

Those born in the Philippines, or through naturalization or who were born outside of the Philippines with at least one biological parent being a Filipino citizen at the time of birth are considered citizens and can therefore apply for a Philippine passport.


A regular Philippine passport costs 500 pesos ($10) in the Philippines or if applying abroad, $50. Overtime processing for expedited service costs an additional 250 pesos.

Where to Apply

Applications can be filled out in the Philippines through on-site centers, a DFA Express Passport Delivery hotline (02) 737-1000, and online at

Types of Passports

Regular passports, issued to citizens of the Philippines, are designated maroon. Diplomatic passports, issued to members of the Philippine diplomatic service and other government officials, are blue. Official passports, issued to certain government members on official business, are light blue.

Older Passports

Passports colored brown or green are older non-electronic passports, which are still acceptable until their expiration date.

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