About Traveling to Poltava

About Traveling to Poltava
Poltava rests along the Vorskla river in central Ukraine with monuments remembering Tsar Peter I's victory in the Battle of Poltava. This historic city can become a waypoint for backpackers and winter sports enthusiasts traveling through Ukraine.


Fly into the nearest international airport in Borispol, Ukraine, or take a connection flight directly to the local Poltava Airport.


Try an apartment that offers daily rates rather than locations advertised as hotels that still have Cold War era amenities.


Call a taxi service within the city limits and travel by train to other Ukrainian cities with service to Russia, Poland or Hungary.


Eat some Poltava galushkas--a type of Ukrainian dumpling with fillings such as pork and liver--at a local restaurant.


Tour Poltava's Art Museum containing works from Mykola Yaroshenko, a local 19th century realism painter.


Watch FC Vorskla Poltava play a football match, known as soccer in the United States, in the Ukrainian Premier League.

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