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Paddling Wisconsin pulls together 40 excellent paddling adventures, offering destinations evenly spread throughout the state. The focus is on recreational paddling and so all trips avoid complicated put-ins, portages, and dangerous expert sections, while offering something unique in terms of setting, geology, and wildlife. While most trips involve rivers, there are also a few notable lake paddles that offer scenery and exploration opportunities one won't find anywhere else. Rivers range from the mighty Mississippi to the humble trout-waters of the White River. Each paddle provides a map of the route. Paddle summaries – including the route itself and the character of the waterway at large – are clear and detailed so paddlers will know exactly what to expect. Quick information makes the logistics of each paddle clear for accurate trip planning and includes explicit directions to landings with GPS coordinates. Short write-ups -- about history, geology, and other attractions – are inter

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Trails from the "Paddling Wisconsin" Guide Book
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... Preview: Apostle Islands are twenty-two isles off the northernmost tip of Wisconsin, the Bayfield Peninsula. One of the most significant natural destinations in Wisconsin, the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Bayfield, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 6
... Preview: Known mostly by avid local paddlers, the narrow Badfish Creek is quite an alternative to the much wider and flatter rivers in the Madison area. It winds, it twists, and it might require some serious d ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Edgerton, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 9.4
... Preview: Beavers, eagles, herons, deer—you might see anything here, and it will be close when you surprise it coming around a bend. The river is narrow as it winds from the edge of a golf course and into patch ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Wonewoc, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 6.3
... Preview: Another tributary to the Rock River, this stretch of the narrow and intimate Bark River runs amid farmland but remains well tucked into thick forest. Part of the Glacier Heritage Area’s Water Trails, ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Fort Atkinson, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 6.3
... Preview: The paddle begins at the edge of town—well below the dam in Black River Falls— and follows a wide river, mostly through forest and often showing sandbars throughout. It is a slow, relaxing paddle with ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Black River Falls, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 12.7
... Preview: The famed “River of Presidents” and a Class 1 trout stream, the Bois Brule is an ideal paddle along a crystal-clear river through the Brule River State Forest. The trip begins narrow and intimate, pas ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Brule, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 9
... Preview: What was once a working highway for the lumber industry is now a recreational paddler’s delight. A lively river of riffles and some low-grade rapids, the Chippewa starts wide and passes through large ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Ladysmith, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 10.8
... Preview: Short and sweet, this section of the Crystal River is a quick paddle with a lot of maneuvering and a historic mill and covered bridge to see along the way. The paddle winds among wooded banks, gradual ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Waupaca, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 4.3
... Preview: Done as either a one-way paddle or an out-and-back, this trip explores the coastline of Lake Michigan. The journey passes shallow cave formations in the low cliffs on shore, giving paddlers the chance ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Jacksonport, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 4.4
... Preview: In a bay near the very tip of the Door Peninsula, this there-and-back paddle passes towering limestone cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment and provides some shelter on days of winds from the south. Along ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Ellison Bay, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 4
... Preview: Paddle among high, sandy banks on a wide river east of Eau Claire. The trip starts from a county park and offers some narrowing points of riffles here and there, as well as wide lazy stretches with pl ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Fall Creek, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 13.8
... Preview: Set off through the Flambeau State Forest on this remote-feeling section of the river. Occasional islands and a few stray boulders are all you need to paddle around, and the wildlife is undisturbed. S ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Phillips, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 8.2
... Preview: This very scenic paddle starts on a winding path through agricultural fields offering an abundance of riffles and heading deeper into the typical bluffs of Wisconsin’s glacially unaffected “Driftless ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Lancaster, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 8.9
... Preview: Starting in a narrow segment of the Rock River, this trip begins in a wooded marsh. Then the canoe trail emerges into vast open wetlands, following channels through cattails and grasses. A haven for ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Horicon, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 7.2
... Preview: Commonly referred to as “the Most Crooked River in the World”—certainly a contender anyway—the Kickapoo is a serpentine delight for paddlers, passing before and behind numerous exposed sandstone bluff ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
La Farge, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 12
... Preview: The “Kinni” is a delightfully playful stretch of narrow waters threading their rapid and riffly way through some very nice sandstone bluff scenery reminiscent of the Kickapoo. While the rapids are n ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
River Falls, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 8
... Preview: Beginning in a city park just below the dam in Sparta, this intimate little river immediately disappears into a corridor of trees, keeping it sheltered and shaded all the way out of town. Thereafter, ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Sparta, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 10.2
... Preview: This river trip begins with some lingering: Take time to paddle around the picturesque rock gorge, the Dalles of the St. Croix, before following the slow and wide river south amid bluffs along the bor ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
St Croix Falls, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 6.5
... Preview: A long and winding paddle, the Mecan passes through banks that are high and then low, grassy and then wooded, narrow and then wide. The tight windy stretches through thick forest at the center of this ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Montello, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 10.7
... Preview: This rural stretch of the Milwaukee actually runs north before it turns south to its urban destination. Thanks in part to the Riveredge Nature Center, this section is wooded and wild. A challenge of r ... From the guidebook "Paddling Wisconsin"
Saukville, WI - Whitewater Kayaking & Canoeing - Trail Length: 10.6