The Best in Tent Camping Utah  by Jeffrey Steadman

The Best in Tent Camping: Utah Guide Book

by Jeffrey Steadman (Menasha Ridge Press)
The Best in Tent Camping Utah  by Jeffrey Steadman
If you subscribe to the opinion that televisions, Japanese lanterns, and electric guitars are not essential camping equipment, The Best in Tent Camping: Utah should be your constant companion. Whether you’re looking for a high-mountain setting among the evergreens or a colorful red-rock canyon campground, Utah has it all. The Best in Tent Camping: Utah is an easy-to-use guidebook that’s perfect for tent campers looking for quiet and scenic campgrounds statewide. From the Wasatch Mountains to the West Desert, and through Utah’s five national parks and color canyon country, you’ll be led far away from the concrete pads and loud music of lesser campsites and find the most beautiful, serene, and special campgrounds Utah has to offer.

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Trails from the "The Best in Tent Camping: Utah" Guide Book
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Albion Basin is a typical single-loop campground, but that's the only typical thing about it. You could say that the campground is located in downtown ski country, as it's bordered by Alta Ski Resort. The resort's Albion Lift passes directly over the campground, and in winter the campsites are visited by skiers on their way down the mountain. In the summer, however, the ski lift sits quietly above the campsites as a powerful reminder to take advantage of each day of summer; winter is always waiting around the corner.
Cottonwood, UT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
From Native Americans to ranchers, the Great Salt Lake’s biggest island has a fascinating story.
Syracuse, UT - Campgrounds
Enjoy the spectacular sights, from the verdant riparian riverway to the soaring sandstone spires.
Moab, UT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
This campground is where hopeful anglers begin their quest for the granddaddy.
Heber City, UT - Campgrounds
What Hobble Creek Canyon does offer is a tranquil and serene setting for campers who love their solitude.
Spanish Fork, UT - Campgrounds
The south fork is one of the best places to launch an inner tube and float lazily downstream.
Ogden, UT - Campgrounds
Autumn drivers are treated to a canvas of magnificent brushstrokes of foliage.
Cottonwood Heights, UT - Campgrounds
Baptize your outdoorsaverse family members into the wonderful world of tall trees and open air.
Loa, UT - Campgrounds
This high-mountain campground is the perfect place to make your home base.
Escalante, UT - Campgrounds - Trail Length:
These mountains hold millions of adventures to be had by the willing camper.
Kamas, UT - Campgrounds
If this giant sandstone rock is a hamburger, you’ll be sleeping with the pickles and mayo!
Monticello, UT - Campgrounds
Phenomenal scenery, fabulous hiking, and free fruit combine for a truly fantastic camping experience.
Torrey, UT - Campgrounds
Cedar Canyon is probably best enjoyed from the comfort of a camp chair while sitting around the fire.
Cedar City, UT - Campgrounds
Solitude comes in spades in this cozy little campground.
Snowville, UT - Campgrounds
It’s almost hypnotic to stand near the bubbling water.
Salt Lake City, UT - Campgrounds
The Abajo Mountains have their own first to claim: first mountains to become snow-free after winter.
Monticello, UT - Campgrounds
Deep Creek exists in its own little bubble.
Manila, UT - Campgrounds
Something magical happens when people have to park and walk into a campsite.
Spanish Fork, UT - Campgrounds
Solitude is the main attraction at Elkhorn, and Thousand Lake Mountain offers it in spades.
Loa, UT - Campgrounds
The air is always cool, the shade plentiful, and the camping unforgettable.
Ferron, UT - Campgrounds

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