Camping Ohio Guide Book

by Bob Frye (Falcon Guides)
Camping Ohio  by Bob Frye

ISBN: 0762781807

No other campground guidebook focuses solely on the Prairie State. Ohio offers a surprising array of quiet, out-of-the-way parks replete with lakes, rivers, rugged hills, and even rocky cliffs. Camping Ohio opens the door to these places

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Trails from the "Camping Ohio" Guide Book
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... Preview: This is a relatively tiny park, encompassing just 309 acres, but that makes it perfect if your idea of camping is to go where things are quiet, relaxed, and peaceful. You can experience that here. The ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
East Ringgold, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: This is a 3,387-acre US Army Corps of Engineers lake run as a state park, and it has the requisite Army Corps visitor center, so you’ll want to check that out. But there’s a lot to do outside. Alum Cr ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Delaware County, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: Atwood Lake Park is a big one at more than 3,000 acres. The lake itself adds another 1,500-plus acres and is the main attraction. It’s a favorite with boaters— it’s considered one of Ohio’s premier sa ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Atwood Lake, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: Barkcamp is sure to appeal to horse lovers. It’s not only got an equestrian campground, but it’s home to an extensive bridle-trail system. You can circle this entire park on horseback and take lots of ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Morristown, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: There’s a lot to recommend this park in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, with hiking and biking trails, an archery range, pioneer village, old canal locks, and more spread across its more t ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
West Point, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: There’s probably no fish that tastes better than the walleye, and there are few inland waters better at producing them than Berlin Lake. It’s known for its excellent fishing. Walleyes reproduce well e ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Berlin Lake, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: Big Creek Park exists because of a failed dream. In 1926 Samuel Livingston Mather bought almost 1,000 acres with hopes of creating a high-class resort. The onset of the Great Depression crushed that. ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Chardon, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: Very near the hills of West Virginia, Blue Rock is much different, topographically, than the parks you’ll find in the western half of the state. This is a land of rugged hills and rich green forests. ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Blue Rock, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: This is another park run in cooperation with the US Army Corps of Engineers, which means there’s a big lake, in this case 2,120-acre C.J. Brown Reservoir. There’s the requisite marina, launch ramps, b ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
New Moorefield, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: This is an out-of-the-way campground located near Burr Oak State Park. In fact, the 1-mile-long Lake View Trail leads from the campground to the lake, so you can stay here and hit the park without eve ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Corning, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: Burr Oak is a pretty big park at just shy of 2,600 acres. It seems as if the folks who run it have tried to squeeze every possible outdoor activity there is into it. There’s a 664- acre lake where you ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Hunterdon, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: This is the park district’s only camping area. It’s primitive for sure, but that doesn’t keep it from being a favorite of anglers. Its location on the Maumee River makes it a premier spot for those lo ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Perrysburg, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: Caesar Creek is one of the top spots for outdoor recreation in southwestern Ohio, and with good reason. It has 3,741 acres of woods and fields around a 2,830-acre lake. That waterway offers some of th ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
New Burlington, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: Two things really stand out about Carriage Hill MetroPark. One is its historic farm. The Daniel Arnold Family originally settled this area in 1830. The farm that remains is meant to replicate the life ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Huber Heights, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: Charles Mill Lake, built in 1935, takes in 1,350 acres and offers 34 miles of shoreline. It’s surrounded by 2,000 acres of woods and fields. That means there are plenty of nature-based things to keep ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Mifflin, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: This is one of the smaller parks in the Geauga County system at just 139 acres, most of it woods, with some wetlands, streams, and uplands mixed in. It’s also the park with the greatest camping tradit ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Parkman, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: This tiny park—it’s between 2 and 4 acres—is so small that it shows up on almost no maps. Nearby Walton Park does, and people looking for this one often mistake it for the other, assuming that they ar ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Spring Valley, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: Coshocton Lake Park seems equal parts historic site, amusement park, and nature reserve. The historical part of the equation is the horse-drawn canal boat rides offered in a restored 1.5-mile section ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Tuscarawas River, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: Cowan Lake is not the biggest in the state park system, but it can be one of the prettiest. At certain times of the year, when American lotus water lilies are in bloom, floating on the surface with th ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Cuba, OH - Campgrounds
... Preview: Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a big one, taking in 33,000 acres along both sides of the Cuyahoga River. As you’d expect, there are a lot of things to do. One of the more interesting ways to see thi ... From the guidebook "Camping Ohio"
Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area, OH - Campgrounds