60 Hikes within 60 Miles Boston - 2nd Edition  by Lafe Low and Helen Weatherall

60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Boston - 2nd Edition Guide Book

by Lafe Low and Helen Weatherall (Menasha Ridge Press)
60 Hikes within 60 Miles Boston - 2nd Edition  by Lafe Low and Helen Weatherall
Whether you live in Boston or just enjoy visiting, 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Boston provides all the information you need to choose the perfect day hike in your area, including trail lengths, hiking times, and trail difficulty. You can choose from short and long hikes, hikes for children, dog-friendly hikes, seaside hikes, river hikes, and wheelchair-accessible hikes.

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Trails from the "60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Boston - 2nd Edition" Guide Book
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This short, rugged hike tours a hillside made spectacular by the handiwork of the Wisconsin Glacier. Two granite monoliths are the stars of the show, but plan to spend some time on the open granite cap at the top of the hill. From the gate at the trailhead, follow the broad, rocky path as it climbs abruptly into the woods. Sweeping southeast, the path meets a stream running from a source high on the hill. You’ll traverse a wooden-plank bridge and pass a vernal pool sided with granite rubble and adorned with ferns and luxuriant moss. The trail is firmly packed, well defined, and well marked.
Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA - Hiking - Trail Length: .75
Explore the Northwestern acres of Appleton Farms, following an old steeplechase course and trails through forested wetlands. Starting at the parking area, cross the field, following the avenue of maples over a wide, firm, and flat carriage road to an entrance to the Grass Rides located beyond the bog at the edge of the woods. Managed by The Trustees of Reservations, Appleton Farms is still a working farm, producing high-quality hay, milk, meat, and produce.
Hamilton, MA - Hiking,Walking - Trail Length: 2.6
This trail winds around the 157-acre Ashland Reservoir, taking you on a rugged journey through the forest and rewarding you with spectacular views of the water. Tucked away in the suburban town of Ashland, you’ll find Ashland State Park located right off MA 135, down past the Ashland Community Center, playground, and soccer field. For a hike that feels wild and remote in spots, Ashland State Park is remarkably accessible. Ashland State Park is a heavily used park, especially the beach and picnic area during the summer on a clear day. As such, the trail and all the facilities are well maintained. And you will most likely have a fair amount of company on the trail.
Ashland, MA - Hiking - Trail Length: 3.5
This hike circles a great outwash plain of the Wisconsin Glacier and, while scaling Bald Hill, passes through an 18th-century farmstead once owned by a veteran of the American Revolution. Start the hike directly behind the parking area on the wide cart road running west into a wooded landscape reminiscent of an unmade bed. At the first junction, marked number 19, bear right to continue southwest. Sturdy water-resistant boots are recommended.
Boxford, MA - Hiking - Trail Length: 6.53
Located just over the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border, the Beaver Brook presents a landscape where beavers abound and loons or even a wandering moose wouldn’t come as a big surprise. Like many conservation projects, the 2,000-acre Beaver Brook exists because a small group of individuals with a passion for the environment got an idea and acted on it. The Beaver Brook Association manages a cabin facility that accommodates up to 22 people, with two bunkhouses, a cookhouse, a well house, a campfire circle, and a primitive latrine.
Hollis, NH - Hiking - Trail Length: 5.69
On this hike, you will explore the Blackstone Canal, following it lock by lock through tangled woods, feral meadows, and preserved farmland to the site of the recently reclaimed Stanley Woolen Mill. Hiking is allowed in hunting season, except on Sundays. If you hike during hunting season, wear an orange reflective vest. A 0.6-mile portion of the trail from River Bend Farm to the Stanley Woolen Mill is wheelchair accessible. Then the trail simply becomes too rugged.
Uxbridge, MA - Birding,Hiking - Trail Length: 7.5
Located just southwest of Boston, the 7,000-acre Blue Hills Reservation offers a glimpse of the past and a sense of how the land may have looked before the city existed. The Blue Hills Reservation is there today thanks in large part to landscape architectCharles Eliot, who campaigned hard for its creation in the late 1800s. A refuge for deer, birds, amphibians, and a few footloose coyotes well versed in urban living, the Blue Hills—truly a stone’s throw from the edge of the Boston metropolis—is a soothing woodland escape.
Milton, MA - Birding,Hiking - Trail Length: 3.9
There are 125 miles of trails winding throughout the 7,000-acre Blue Hills Reservation. Trails take you over granite hillsides and through placid forests sheltering vernal pools and kettle ponds teeming with life. This hike follows the reservation’s longest trail, which stretches from the town of Dedham to Quincy. To enjoy this hike to its fullest,plan to start early. Bring plenty of water and food, and wear sturdy hiking boots.
Milton, MA - Hiking - Trail Length: 13
Borderland State Park is often fairly busy and can be crowded, but there are plenty of corners of the park and more-remote trails where you can have the forest to yourself. Besides offering miles of hiking, Borderland State Park welcomes anglers, horseback riders, and disc golfers. For a schedule of mansion tours and special events, visit friendsofborderland.org
North Easton, MA - Fishing,Hiking,Horseback Riding - Trail Length: 6.25
Of the two portions of this hike, the northern half is the more rugged and less popular. The southern side has woods, wetlands, and tracts of meadowland. The park is a favorite destination for mountain bikers, horseback riders, and cross-country skiers. From the parking area at Stearns Farm off Edmands Road, you’re right between the north and south sections of the park. Starting off toward the southern section first, locate the trailhead by hiking northeast to the Pipeline Trail, which travels directly south from Edmands Road along a centuries-old cart road.
Framingham, MA - Cross-Country Skiing,Hiking,Horseback Riding,Mountain Biking - Trail Length: 7.37
This hike travels within the borders of three towns—Northborough, Marlborough, and Westborough—crossing abandoned farms, several drumlins, numerous streams, diverse forests, and magnificent swamplands rich with wildlife. From the parking area, walk toward Lyman Street to find the Little Chauncy Trail trailhead on the left. Crossing through an abandoned farm, the flat, grassy path skirts a convex meadow on the last high ground above Little Chauncy Pond.
Northborough, MA - Birding,Hiking - Trail Length: 8
Just one of the many hikes possible on Wellesley’s extensive trail system, Centennial Reser vation is a place where the entire family can enjoy the pristine forest, kettle pond, and rolling meadows. The trailhead is scarcely a foot from the parking lot, behind a notice board greeting visitors with maps, news, and a calendar of upcoming events. This is truly a wilderness gem amid the dense band of suburban neighborhoods surrounding the Boston area.
Wellesley, MA - Birding,Hiking,Walking - Trail Length: 1.58
To really get to know Boston, one of the best places to start is the Charles River basin. Once a sprawling tidal river with winding estuaries and thousands of acres of salt marsh, the lower Charles today takes you on a tour of the Esplanade and Cambridge on the other side of the river. You’ll pass Harvard University and loop back to Boston over a scenic footbridge. This is downtown Boston. You will not be alone as you walk along the Charles. You’ll be joined by runners, walkers, bicyclists, skateboarders, parents pushing strollers, and all manner of humanity enjoying the serene banks of the river.
Boston, MA - Hiking,Road Biking,Trail Running,Walking - Trail Length: 7.75
You'll explore the well-preserved woodland haunts of the Wampanoag and America’s first generations of English settlers, including some fascinating stone foundations. Copicut is the Wampanoag word for “deep, dark woods.” This 516-acre property was farmed over the course of several lifetimes. Today, successional growth has nearly returned the land to its original wooded state, but among the trees, blueberries, and other shrubs, there are several intriguing artifacts of human industry. Walk across Old Indian Town Road from the parking lot to the trailhead on the other side of the road.
Fall River, MA - Hiking,Walking - Trail Length: 3.4
One this hike you will follow the shoreline of one of Massachusetts’s most immaculate beaches. Approaching the marshes of Essex and the coast of Gloucester, you’ll cross into the high dunes of the inner beach and hike back along where the waves meet the beach. To start your exploration, turn right and lay down some footprints in the sand as you head southeast. Though New England’s beach season is understood to run from the first day of summer through Labor Day, a good many New Englanders know the beach is at its most sublime in autumn. Leashed dogs are permitted October 1– March 31 but restricted to below high-tide line.
Ipswich, MA - Birding,Fishing,Hiking,Snowshoeing - Trail Length: 6
Located upstream from Dartmouth's historic Russell Mills, this hike takes you on a tour of land preserved much as it was in the 1600's when the area was first settled. Destruction Brook Woods trailhead access and parking is tucked just off the road. Once you’re on the trail, head southwest, away from the road. You’ll see it marked by the Dartmouth Natural Resource Trust (DNRT) sign. The red and yellow trails both offer limited wheelchair access.
Dartmouth, MA - Birding,Hiking,Walking - Trail Length: 4.07
Meandering footpaths weave through beech woods piled high with granite rubble, skirt swamplands, and pass overgrown cellar holes and boulders engraved with words of inspiration. Named for the many dogs that watched over the women and children of the village while the men were at sea, Cape Ann’s Dogtown is seemingly as mysterious as its name. Because of Dogtown Common’s rugged terrain and interweaving trails, both named and unnamed, it is a good idea to bring a map, a compass, and plenty of water.
Gloucester, MA - Hiking,Mountain Biking - Trail Length: 5.25
The Coffeehouse Loop at Douglas State Forest takes you through a diverse forest and traverses a large scenic marshland. Down on the shores of Wallum Lake, there is a large picnic area with numerous picnic tables and restroom facilities. From the large map and information kiosk, walk to the right toward one of the restroom buildings. You’ll see a sign leading you to the 2.2-mile Coffeehouse Loop. For the most part, this trail is remarkably consistent in character. It does pass through a couple of small ravines and alongside a dam later in the hike, but for the first chunk, the trail is moderately wide and fairly smooth, although rocky in spots.
Douglas, MA - Hiking,Walking - Trail Length: 2.2
Located in an area that has maintained a charmingly rural character despite its proximity to Boston, Elm Bank’s well-tended 182 acres offer miles of hiking both along the wooded banks of the Charles River and over landscaped grounds. This is more of a walk than a hike. The trail follows a gentle path through stately forest and along the banks of the Charles River. Starting at the parking lot located beside the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, follow the paved road northwest. Much of the grounds of the Elm Bank estate are wheelchair traversable; however, depending on condition, several sections of the hike described are not.
Wellesley, MA - Hiking,Walking - Trail Length: 1.9
On this hike, you will shadow the Concord River, crossing through conserved farmland and a magnificent tract called The Great Meadows owned by the National Wildlife Federation. The trail passes through woods and picturesque farmsteads before rounding a large pond teeming with lily pads and then doubling back to Foss Farm. Waterproof shoes are recommended in wet months.
Carlisle, MA - Hiking - Trail Length: 6.7