Backpacking Washington Overnight and Multi-Day Routes  by Craig Romano

Backpacking Washington: Overnight and Multi-Day Routes Guide Book

by Craig Romano (The Mountaineers Books)
Backpacking Washington Overnight and Multi-Day Routes  by Craig Romano
The most comprehensive backpacking guide to Washington State! Veteran guidebook author Craig Romano hits the trail again - this time to uncover amazing backpacking opportunities all over Washington's wilderness. BACKPACKING WASHINGTON details 70 routes, from the lush Hoh River Glacier Meadows to the open ridges of the Columbia Highlands and beyond. With an emphasis on weekend trips, routes range from overnight to weeklong treks and often include options for extending trips and choosing campsites.

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Trails from the "Backpacking Washington: Overnight and Multi-Day Routes" Guide Book
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Named for the American River in California that prompted a gold rush and made millionaires overnight, Washington’s American River never provided a mother lode, but its lofty ridge is rich in wildlife and sought by those who value solitude. This is a tough hike through the heart of lonely, cloud-catching country to deep hidden basins, steep craggy knobs, sunny windswept meadows, and dark forested nooks, where just a few hikers have ever laid bootprint.
American Ridge, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 18.3
This delightful hike takes you to the base of one of the largest glaciers in the Olympics, where you can explore moraine heaps being colonized by pioneer plants and a large sparkling lake fed by glacier meltwater. Follow alongside a chattering river through old-growth groves graced with an understory of showy Pacifi c rhododendrons, and traverse lush meadows donned in brilliant wildfl owers on your way to the rock and ice below 7321-foot Mount Anderson.
Mount Constance, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 33.2
Here’s a grand loop in the Norse Peak Wilderness, long on splendid scenery and alpine meadows—and short on crowds. Most visitors to these parts congregate on the 6856-foot peak that lends its name to this 52,000-acre wilderness, leaving the Big Crow Basin below it teeming with goats, elk, deer, and bear. Explore nearby Lake Basin, Cement Basin, and Bullion Basin and look for relics of the area’s mining past. And, not least, stand on Crown Point, reeling in a royal in-your-face view of Mount Rainier.
Chinook Pass, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 20.7
This amazing loop follows two long ridges exploding with wildfl owers and teeming with jaw-dropping views, all centered on a deep blue lake set in a deep rocky cirque where summer comes late—if at all. Huge chunks of ice languidly bob on Blue Lake’s alluring azure waters, sometimes well into September. But on nearby Pilot Ridge, blossoms take fl ight just after snowmelt and paint the hillside in dazzling colors while Blue is still white.
Monte Cristo Peak, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 27.3
Make an easy and gentle climb to a high pass overlooking Washington’s fourth-highest summit and most remote volcano, 10,541-foot Glacier Peak. Be mesmerized watching incredible sunsets over the glaciated massive mountain. Roam fl owered ridges and explore hidden basins that harbor marmot colonies and bands of mountain goats. Set up camp in parkland meadows and forget that a civilized world exists beyond the serrated snow-capped peaks hugging the horizon.
Whittier Peak, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 19.2
Trek to fi ve remote sparkling lakes occupying two granite cirques within the shadows of the 6807-foot Bulls Tooth, one of the most distinct landmarks in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. A long approach, a steep fi nish, and easier to get to lakes along the way help siphon off and discourage many hikers from this spectacular location. All the better to let you savor the solitude and revel in the wildness and ruggedness of these lakes.
Scenic, WA - Backpacking,Hiking - Trail Length: 25
Cooney Lake is one of the famed Golden Lakes, so dubbed by pioneer guidebook authors Harvey Manning and Ira Spring because of the larches that set these alpine bodies of water aglow come autumn. Nestled in a high cirque on the serrated Sawtooth Ridge, on the eastern edge of the North Cascades, Cooney makes for a wonderful weekend adventure or is a good base for days of exploring.
Sawtooth Ridge, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 16
Trek up a wide open valley of avalanche chutes awash in resplendent wildfl owers, fl anked by snowy crags, and pulsing with the sound of crashing water. Under the ever-watchful eye of snow-draped Ruth Mountain, make your way to Hannegan Pass—portal into the deep wilderness of North Cascades National Park. Then begin your alpine odyssey across Copper Ridge to a fi re lookout perched on a 6260-foot knob, gazing along the way at more sky-touching rock and ice.
Mount Shuksan, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 20.4
A long forested approach to a gorgeous larch-ringed lake tucked in a deep cirque beneath windswept ridges carpeted with alpine tundra— all in the center of one of the largest and wildest roadless areas in North America! Journey to the heart of the Pasayten Wilderness, where lynx, wolves, wolverines, and the occasional grizzly still roam. And while Corral Lake is a splendid destination in itself, it makes for a great staging area to further explore this wild and lightly traveled corner of the North Cascades.
Mount Lago, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 33.4
Hike the Pacific Crest Trail along Mount Rainer National Park’s eastern border to lakes and viewpoints seldom visited by the park’s millions of annual visitors. Explore quiet meadows and high basins fl ush with wildfl owers and wildlife. Explore old trails and ancient forests and a historical ranger station. Come in summer for the blossoms or in fall for boundless berries and bugling elk.
Tatoosh Range, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 23.4
A sprawling, shallow, grassringed lake better suited for waterfowl and sipping quadrupeds than feetsoaking hikers, Crow Creek Lake is a wildlife lover’s paradise. And a hunter’s paradise too—so if it’s solitude you seek, best stick to summer. The way is long and steep, and so is the return. But the views of the multispire Fifes Peaks, the deep glacier-carved American River valley, sun-dried Nelson Ridge, and snow-coned Mount Rainier are marvelous. And so are the high-country elk that browse fl ower-popping meadows along the way.
American Ridge, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 16
Waterfall-fed and tucked in a deep cirque on the snow-clad giant, Mount Daniel, Deep Lake may not be that deep in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, but the depth of its beautiful setting will touch you deeply. Just be aware that reaching this lake requires a deep drop of over 1200 feet, all which must be regained on the way out.
Mount Daniel, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 16
Challenging but highly scenic, this is a classic ridgeline hike around 9066-foot Jack Mountain and 8128- foot Crater Mountain. Journey across windswept alpine tundra, wildlife-rich parkland meadows, and steep slopes bursting with dazzling wildfl owers, taking in sweeping views spanning the North Cascades range, from its snowy western front to its sunkissed eastern edge.
Ross Lake, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 28.1
Follow a tumbling waterway to the Cascade crest, where miles of mile-high alpine-meadow roaming await. Cross three passes, amble by one sparkling lake snug in its rocky cirque, and roam through boundless blossoming fl owers—or walk this way in autumn and traverse ground ablaze in crimson. The views are breathtaking yearround— from radiating emerald ridges and stark sky-probing crags to Glacier Peak, the snowy-white sentinel of the Central Cascades.
Monte Cristo Peak, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 22
There is nothing desolate about this peak or the long and winding lakeside trail leading to it. Au contraire mon frère (et ma soeur)! Desolation is alive with color—shrouded in dazzling alpine fl owers during the summer bloom. And the view? C’est magnifi que! Stand mouth agape, staring down at the cobalt waters of fjord-like Ross Lake cradled beneath glacier- covered peaks. It was inspirational to Franco-American poet Jack Kerouac and no doubt will be for you as well.
Ross Lake, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 45.6
Hike around and along an emerald wedge lodged beneath the massive Tahoma Glacier and set between two deep canyons of glacier-fed, cloudy, milky, and turbulent creeks. Flowers sway above the moraine and dislodging ice, while herds of mountain goats graze on succulent tubers on precarious ledges. This short loop encompasses a diverse array of forest, mountain, and meadow and takes you to two of the least hiked trails in Mount Rainier National Park.
Longmire, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 13.6
Enchanting? Dearly! Follow the East Fork Quinault River through ancient and towering cathedral rain forest to a deep open valley in the heart of the Olympics, where waterfalls plunge down sheer walls and turn to hanging ice in winter. Watch for harlequin ducks riding river rapids and elk and bears foraging the forest fl oor. Explore cascades, river fl ats, maple glades, spruce groves, a thundering chasm, and a historical chalet. This trip is an Olympics classic—the Enchanted Valley’s low elevation allows exploring late and early season, adding to its popularity.
Quinault, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 26.4
One of the legendary nooks of Washington’s Cascades, the Enchantment Lakes basin is a magical place of mystical names tucked in a high tiered valley within the craggy, cloud-piercing, glacier-topped Stuart Range. A land of shiny rock, sparkling waters, perpetual snowfi elds, prolifi c herds of mountain goats, and, in autumn, golden larches, the Enchantments attract legions of backpackers from near and far. While many hikers grumble about the complexities of the permit system, it has been fairly successful in maintaining ecosystem integrity and providing a wilderness experience in this extremely popular and fragile area. This Shangri-la will indeed inspire and soothe your soul, but getting here will try your lungs and punish your soles. The trail is long, dusty, hot, rocky, and steep— a grand price for this paradise—but worth every sore muscle gained along the way.
Leavenworth, WA - Backpacking,Hiking - Trail Length: 26
This set of subalpine lakes is perched along a high divide separating Olympic National Park and the Mount Skokomish Wilderness. The Flapjacks are served with a good heaping of oldgrowth timber set beneath the craggy spires of Sawtooth Ridge, while Black and White sit cradled in an old burn zone carpeted in berry bushes and mountain ash that transform the area into living color come autumn.
Mount Skokomish, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 18.3
The William O. Douglas Wilderness consists of countless small lakes among pumice fl ats and ancient cinder-cone volcanoes. A gentle landscape of bear grass meadows, small peaks, and plenty of sunshine, its hundreds of bodies of water also incubate millions of mosquitoes. Autumn is ideal, but be aware that the region’s abundant elk attract plenty of hunters. Wear orange or come in summer when, despite prolifi c insects, a multitude of fl owers streaks the countryside in a wide array of dazzling colors. This loop to Fryingpan Lake will allow you to cook up plenty of additional wanderings to other delectable lakes within this wilderness.
White Pass, WA - Hiking - Trail Length: 14.6