Best Easy Day Hikes West Los Angeles  by Bryn Fox Pitterle

Best Easy Day Hikes: West Los Angeles Guide Book

by Bryn Fox Pitterle (Falcon Guides)
Best Easy Day Hikes West Los Angeles  by Bryn Fox Pitterle
Best Easy Day Hikes West Los Angeles includes concise descriptions and detailed maps for eighteen easy-to-follow hikes, from the beaches of Malibu to the inland areas of Topanga Canyon. Discover a varietyof hiking options in a vast and beautiful landscape away from city life—yet easily reached from Santa Monica, Westwood, and Beverly Hills.

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Trails from the "Best Easy Day Hikes: West Los Angeles" Guide Book
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See Los Angeles in a new light from atop the 500-foot peak at the new Baldwin Hills Overlook. After stopping at the state-of-the-art visitor center, wander through the fifty acres of restored natural habitats and enjoy the views, the picnic tables, and the workout.
Culver City, CA - Hiking - Trail Length: 2
An uphill trek through the chaparral-ridden lower Zuma Canyon leads you to an excellent lookout point where you can see all the way from Point Dume to Palos Verdes on a clear day. After a tough workout you start your leisurely descent back into the canyon while looking for wildlife and enjoying the cool ocean breezes.
Malibu, CA - Hiking,Horseback Riding - Trail Length: 3.2
This hike travels down into the Cold Creek Canyon amid a unique array of plants and wildlife. From this shady trail you can see wildflowers like stream orchids and scarlet monkey flowers and pass by the ruins of an old house carved from sandstone.
Topanga, CA - Hiking
This short but interesting hike begins at Trippet Ranch and meanders through chaparral, sandstone, and multiple species of ferns. On this relatively flat trip you will cross over a creek on a rustic bridge before reaching your turnaround at the Dead Horse parking area.
Topanga, CA - Hiking,Trail Running - Trail Length: 2.5
This trail winds its way past towering Malibu mansions and through Escondido Canyon, roughly following the creek. After 2 delightfully flat miles, the trail ends at a tranquil travertine rock pool at the base of a 50-foot waterfall.
Malibu, CA - Hiking,Mountain Biking - Trail Length: 4
This short but tranquil hike passes by Heavenly Pond before skirting the perimeter of the nineacre Franklin Canyon Lake, and then crossing back to finish the hike along the shores of the lake under shady tree canopies.
Beverly Hills, CA - Hiking - Trail Length: 0.6
In the lower portion of Franklin Canyon Park, combine these two diverse trails for a perfect mix of challenging uphills, sweeping views, and leisurely flats. Hike the loop in just under 2 miles or extend your hike by adding a side trip to a viewpoint for a 2.6-mile round trip.
Beverly Hills, CA - Hiking - Trail Length: 1.8
This conveniently located trail climbs a steep slope up to a ridge overlooking the lush Hoag Canyon. From the top of the ridge you can turn left or right for views of the famous Getty Museum, the Pacific Ocean, and the canyon.
West Los Angeles, CA - Hiking - Trail Length: 2.2
Take a stroll through the property of former Hollywood star Will Rogers while taking in the views, exploring his old homestead, and maybe even taking in a polo match. Hike on the miles of trail that loop through the property or hike up and connect to the famous Backbone Trail—a 64-mile trail traversing the Santa Monica Mountains.
Santa Monica, CA - Hiking,Trail Running - Trail Length: 2.1
A popular day trip from Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley, this hike takes you on an easy walk to a picturesque swimming hole and then past the crowds to the lesser visited but equally stunning Century Lake. You will pass through a number of locations used in filming TV shows and movies including Planet of the Apes and the Swiss Family Robinson.
Malibu, CA - Campgrounds,Hiking,Mountain Biking,Trail Running - Trail Length: 3.6
This short canyon trail follows a portion of the Backbone Trail past the seasonal Newton Creek, ending at the 30-foottall Newton Canyon Falls. Though the falls will be dry in the summer months, the hike still makes for a very peaceful trip, culminating at a rocky grotto, perfect for picnicking.
Malibu, CA - Hiking,Trail Running - Trail Length: 1
This uphill climb follows an easy to follow fire road up into the hills of Topanga State Park. The wide trail winds through chaparral with views of the ocean and the park. After a great 2-mile workout, turn off the main trail for the final ascent onto Parker Mesa Overlook. A bench with a view marks the turnaround of this scenic yet challenging hike.
Topanga, CA - Hiking,Trail Running - Trail Length: 5.2
As iconic Southern California as it gets, the Point Dume hike begins at a popular beach and traverses up a cliff overlooking the Malibu coastline. Simply take in the view while watching the surfers and rock climbers below, or make your way down to the beach to explore the tidepools.
Malibu, CA - Hiking - Trail Length: 1.3
Reminiscent of the Southwest, this hike takes you past numerous sandstone rock formations as you make your way through this unique park. After passing a series of caves that you can walk through, sit in, or climb over, the hike ends at a stunning overlook among heaps of sandstone boulders.
Topanga, CA - Hiking,Horseback Riding - Trail Length: 2.4
This flat hike begins on an easy trail through a lush canyon, before branching off the main trail and following the creek. After a short ways following the creek, you can boulder hop the last few hundred feet upstream as the canyon walls narrow before finally reaching a small 18-foot waterfall sitting in a peaceful sandstone alcove.
Topanga, CA - Hiking - Trail Length: 2.2
Take a walk through wilderness and history on an easy walk up to ruins. Have a picnic by the serene waterfall before beginning an excellent workout up the ridge and finishing your hike with a nice long downhill with sweeping ocean views.
Santa Monica, CA - Hiking,Trail Running - Trail Length: 2.9
Beginning at Temescal Gateway Park, this hike gently rises up alongside Temescal Creek before entering Topanga State Park. The trail passes a small waterfall before heading up the hillside. Atop the crest of this hike are sweeping views of Malibu and the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles.
Santa Monica, CA - Hiking,Trail Running - Trail Length: 3.1
Initially built by Abbot Kinney to be the Venice, Italy, of the United States, little is left of the 16 miles of canals that once ran through the heart of Venice Beach, but what is left is more than a mile of beautiful waterway, lined by some of the most exclusive homes in the area. A stroll alongside the canals and over the wooden bridges makes for a nice walk only a few short blocks from the famous Venice Beach boardwalk.
Venice, CA - Hiking - Trail Length: 1.3
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