Fishing Ohio Guide Book

by Tom Cross (The Globe Pequot Press)
Fishing Ohio  by Tom Cross

ISBN: 9780762743261

Fishing Ohio is the only guide with fishing information for every public lake and stream in the state. Adding in reservoirs, rivers, tailwaters, and wildlife areas, more than 200 top sites are included. Brand-new, this book covers the state—by Wildlife Districts—from the steelhead streams in the northeast to the walleye spawning grounds in the western basin, with special sections on the Ohio River and Lake Erie. Each entry describes the water, its game fish, and where to find them, and provides angling tips as well as advice on boat ramps, access, marinas, lodging, local attractions, and regulations. This book uncovers the good fishing found in every part of the state. Not only does Fishing Ohio lead the way to a great catch or a great day of fishing, but it also talks you into going.

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Trails from the "Fishing Ohio" Guide Book
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... Preview: Acton Lake has as a reputation as a quality bass lake. Created by impounding the beautiful Four Mile Creek in 1957, Acton Lake covers approximately 600 acres and is surrounded by 2,936-acre Hueston Wo ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Cincinnati, OH - Fishing
... Preview: One of the first lakes in Ohio to be stocked with trout in early spring. Adams Lake is a beautiful lake of 47 acres situated in the center of Adams County, just northeast of West Union on Highway 41. ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
West Union, OH - Fishing
... Preview: The American Electric Power ReCreation Lands is one of the top recreation areas in Ohio. More than 42,000 acres of reclaimed strip-mine land is open to public hunting, hiking, horseback riding, mounta ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
McConnelsville, OH - Fishing
... Preview: One of the top lakes in the state for crappie, saugeye, and muskie. Alum Creek Lake is among the largest reservoirs in Ohio and one of the last impounded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Completed ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Columbus, OH - Fishing
... Preview: A beautiful and scenic little lake to fish. Aquilla Lake is a small 29-acre natural lake that is the cornerstone of the Aquilla Lake Wildlife Area. The lake has a boat ramp and parking. Lily pads an ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Cleveland, OH - Fishing
... Preview: Arcola Creek is one of the few remaining natural estuaries on the south shore of Lake Erie. It has a variety of birdlife and a thriving osprey nest that can be viewed from the observation deck near th ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Ashtabula, OH - Fishing
... Preview: A fine steelhead river, but also the site of a $50 million EPA cleanup. The Ashtabula River is approximately 40 miles long and empties into Lake Erie at the city of Ashtabula. The name Ashtabula is de ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Ashtabula, OH - Fishing
... Preview: Atwood yields good catches of saugeyes during the fall, winter, and early spring. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers impounded Atwood Lake in 1937 for the purpose of flood control on the Muskingum River ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Uhrichsville, OH - Fishing
... Preview: Avondale Wildlife Area is roughly 6 miles long and 2 miles wide and is a rough-and-tumble place of abandoned strip-mine ponds, rugged landscape, hollows, and hills. There are 70 old mining ponds that ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Zanesville, OH - Fishing
... Preview: The town of Barnesville has four city reservoirs; one is a city park lake that offers some minor fishing for city residents. All contain bass, bluegills, and channel catfish. Reservoir 3 is stocked wi ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Barnesville, OH - Fishing
... Preview: Beach City Lake was originally an impoundment of 420 acres constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the mid-1930s for the purpose of flood control on the Lower Muskingum Watershed. The Muski ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Canton, OH - Fishing
... Preview: Located only a few miles from the Pennsylvania state line, Little Beaver Creek is one of the most beautiful streams in Ohio. It 1974 it became the first stream to be designated a State Wild and Nation ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
East Liverpool, OH - Fishing
... Preview: Popular for trout, but the fishing doesn’t last long. The 117-acre Belmont Lake, impounded in 1963, is part of the 1,005-acre Barkcamp State Park, which gets its name from Barkcamp Creek, site of a fo ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
St. Clairsville, OH - Fishing
... Preview: This is one of the few lakes in Ohio where natural reproduction of muskies occurs. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completed the dam on the Mahoning River in 1943, impounding 3,321 acres for the purp ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Alliance, OH - Fishing
... Preview: Bible Park has picnic areas, shelter houses, restrooms, and carry-in boat access only. The lake is weedy, with some good shoreline cover along the south bank. The lake is primarily a small bluegill an ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Bryan, OH - Fishing
... Preview: The Black River, located almost entirely within the town of Lorain, has fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappies, bluegills, perch, white bass, sheepshead, and steelhead. The river was nev ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Elyria, OH - Fishing
... Preview: Buckeye Lake is a resort lake heavily used by recreational boaters. Buckeye Lake is another one of the early canal lakes impounded for the purpose of supplying water for the Erie Canal system. Work st ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Columbus, OH - Fishing
... Preview: This lake has a well-deserved reputation as one of Ohio’s best bass lakes, but it’s tough to fish. There are horsepower and size restrictions. Located in the heart of the hill country of southeastern ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Nelsonville, OH - Fishing
... Preview: One of the few places to fish for walleye in southwest Ohio. Located northeast of Springfield, Clarence J. Brown Reservoir was impounded in 1974 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a flood control ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Springfield, OH - Fishing
... Preview: An up-and-coming muskie lake with a great tailwater fishery. Caesar Creek Lake is a mammoth reservoir of 2,835 acres, with over 40 miles of shoreline. Completed in 1977 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engin ... From the guidebook "Fishing Ohio"
Columbus, OH - Fishing

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