Fishing Central California Guide Book

by Brian Milne (No Nonsense Fly Fishing Guidebooks)
Fishing Central California  by Brian Milne

136pp/color photos/color maps
ISBN: 189246189

Anyone can toss a line into the water and get lucky once in a while, but if you want to catch more trophy fish and have more fun on the water, you need Fishing Central California. Whether you’re new to fishing or an accomplished angler, this comprehensive and entertaining guide will improve your chances every time you cast. Learn to: • Read water and how weather affects the different bites. • Select baits, lures, and equipment for particular fish and situations. • Recognize underwater behaviors and adjust your techniques accordingly. • Master proper lure, bait, and fly presentation for specific fisheries. • Turn a tough day into a great one with hundreds of useful tips and tricks.

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Trails from the "Fishing Central California" Guide Book
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... Preview: This is about as tricky a river as you’ll find on the Central Coast. Located in a steep, brushy gorge, it is nearly impossible to fish early in the regular trout season because the river swells with r ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Greenfield, CA - Fishing
... Preview: The holiday season marks the time of year anglers start seeking out early-winter steelhead along the central coast. And after some down years in the region, steelhead fishermen hope the heavy rains of ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Big Sur, CA - Fishing
... Preview: Around these parts, anglers eagerly await July 1 like a kid anxiously counting down the days to December 25. Once July rolls around, every day (at least from July 1 to October 31) feels like Christmas ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Lone Pine, CA - Fishing
... Preview: It’s called the Dinkey Lakes Wilderness, but don’t let the name fool you. The Dinkey Lakes Wilderness is more than 30,000 acres of mountain meadows, pines, rocky peaks and gin-clear lakes and creeks. ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Fresno, CA - Fishing
... Preview: With the hard-flowing Kern River pumping in for most of the year, Isabella Lake is often colder than most lakes Central California anglers are used to. Those cool flows and fast-moving water can put a ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Bakersfield, CA - Fishing
... Preview: The storied history of the Kern River is really a tale of two rivers. The first, the North Fork, originates in the high Sierra Nevada near Mt.Whitney, plunges through the Inyo and Sequoia national for ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Edison, CA - Fishing
... Preview: Rain or shine, frost or drought, the Kings River usually stands up to all of Mother Nature’s extremes, especially on the lower stretches. “The Lower Kings has been good. The lower portion of the river ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Reedley, CA - Fishing
... Preview: Anglers come to Lake Cachuma for two reasons—trout and bass. It’s as simple as that. The trout bite usually improves along with the water clarity at this Santa Barbara-area lake. January and February ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Santa Barbara, CA - Fishing
... Preview: Big trout equal bigger bass. That’s the formula lake officials have used to turn this 2,700-acre lake into a top-notch bass fishery. Lake Casitas officials have done a great job in recent years to sta ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Ventura, CA - Fishing
... Preview: Lake Piru often gets overlooked because it’s located so close to a number of stellar fisheries, including Piru Creek and Castaic Lake and Lagoon. The lake also gets overlooked because it isn’t known a ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Valencia, CA - Fishing
... Preview: When freshwater anglers think striper fishing, they think Lake Mead or Lake Castaic, not Lake San Antonio. But an abundance of shad on the lake can be credited to the lake’s lunker liners. The main po ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Bradley, CA - Fishing
... Preview: This Arroyo Grande lake can be the best lake San Luis Obispo County has to offer. One issue, however, is the wind factor. Get out to the lake early if you want to beat the breeze and take advantage of ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Arroyo Grande, CA - Fishing
... Preview: Just look at it, sitting there so peacefully. Nobody around to take away from its serenity. The Merced River (you thought we were talking about Half Dome?) is a forgotten treasure lost in the granite ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Wawona, CA - Fishing
... Preview: Ever have one of those days when you’ve caught so many fish you lose count? That’s what it can be like at Nacimiento Lake thanks to its large population of bass. Spotted, white and largemouth bass are ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Paso Robles, CA - Fishing
... Preview: It doesn’t exactly look like the best place in the world to cast a fly, but don’t let the armed soldiers, army tanks and random explosions off in the distance fool you. Camp Roberts, located midway be ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Bradley, CA - Fishing
... Preview: Pine Flat Reservoir not only keeps the Kings River in check, it produces state record spotted bass as well. This always-evolving reservoir was created in 1954 with the completion of the Pine Flat Dam, ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Fresno, CA - Fishing - Trail Length:
... Preview: At times, Piru Creek is flourishing as one of the best tailwater fisheries this side of the Sierra Nevada. Other times, Piru is in serious pain. One problem is water levels are dependent on nearby Pyr ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Santa Clarita, CA - Fishing
... Preview: The Salinas River is not only the largest river in the Central Coast region, it’s also the most mysterious. The seasonal river is an oddity in that it flows underground for much of the year. It’s even ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Monterey, CA - Fishing
... Preview: San Luis Reservoir is probably best known for kicking out a world record striper back in 1992. Hank Ferguson caught the 67-pound, 8-ounce liner at the O’Neill Forebay to set the landlocked all-tackle ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
Los Banos, CA - Fishing
... Preview: John White doesn’t remember the last time Santa Margarita Lake looked this healthy. Crystal-clear water spills over the banks and lush green hills, providing a spectacular spring backdrop. All sorts o ... From the guidebook "Fishing Central California"
San Luis Obispo, CA - Fishing

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