Fly Fishing California Guide Book

by Ken Hanley (No Nonsense Fly Fishing Guidebooks)
Fly Fishing California  by Ken Hanley

104pp/color maps/color photos
ISBN: 1892469103

This guide gives you a quick, clear understanding of the essential information you'll need to fly fish in California's most outstanding waters. You will not waste time. In a few moments, you will know where to go and how to fly fish. Take this guide along for ready reference, or use it to plan your California fly fishing trip. Either way, you'll have enough information and your fly fishing experience will be new, fresh, and fun. This is the redesigned and expanded version of Ken Hanley's Guide Fly Fishing in Northern California. It was popular immediately, updated and reprinted three times.

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Trails from the "Fly Fishing California" Guide Book
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... Preview: If you’re looking for a classic small saltwater experience in the Los Angeles area, Alamitos Bay is it. The place is intimate, the game fish are plentiful, and only lightweight tackle is needed. This ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Long Beach, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: A wonderful 22-mile tailwater fishery flows right through the heart of California’s state capital and into the Sacramento River. And believe it or not, the lower American River gets less overall press ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Sacramento, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: A good-sized impoundment surrounded by chaparral-covered hills, Barrett Lake is home to the only pure-strain northern largemouth bass in San Diego County. This fact, combined with the reservoir’s stri ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
San Diego, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Located in the heart of the San Bernardino Mountains, Big Bear Lake offers some of the best early- and late-season trout fishing in Southern California. Summer still produces some fast and furious tro ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Big Bear City, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Fly tyer and all-around international angler Kate Howe used to live in these parts and provided the information here. She was particularly fond of this small water because of the constant fly fishing ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Big Pine, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: This popular lake, the result of an Army Corps of Engineers project, provides a cool place for outdoor recreation and is a fine bass fishery. The winter months in particular provide excellent fly fish ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Orland, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: This reservoir is in a classic California foothills location, in the heart of the Sierra Nevada’s Mother Lode Country. The site abounds with rocky shoreline, points, and coves. Canoes, kayaks, prams, ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Wallace, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: This is a classic freestone stream with lots of riffles, rapids, deep runs, and pools. These conditions create excellent habitat for stoneflies, caddisflies, and some species of mayflies, all found th ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Markleeville, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Southern California has a world-class bass fishery at Castaic Lake, where a 22-pound largemouth bass was caught and released in 1991. It was four ounces shy of a world record, and many believe the nex ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Los Angeles, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: If you love the bass game, then this lake is one of the best destinations in northern California, if not the state—bar none! Why such a bold statement? It’s simple: an outstanding population of game f ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Clearlake, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Near the remote town of Julian, find Cuyamaca Reservoir, one of Southern California’s premier fly fishing still waters. With trout, small- and largemouth bass, and panfish willing and able to eat your ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Julian, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: If you’re afraid to lose some flies, don’t go to this lake. If not, you’ll work some of the best fish habitat in the foothills of northern California! The trout and bass you’ll catch are worth a few m ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
La Grange, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: If you want to catch a giant rainbow trout in this part of the world, Eagle Lake is a good place to start. It is home to the Eagle Lake rainbow, a strain of the hardiest, fastest-growing trout in the ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Spaulding, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: The Eel is a terrific river system for fly fishers who are afoot or afloat. It’s also one of the prettiest and longest stream corridors in northern California, measuring 100 miles. It eventually hits ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Redway, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Along with San Vicente and Lower Otay reservoirs and Lake Hodges, El Capitan is considered among the best warmwater fisheries in the southern reaches of California. Distinguished by its long northern ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Alpine, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: If you enjoy cool, clear, deep-running, classic spring-fed mountain rivers with thick and lush mats of vegetation, Fall River might just be your ticket to trout heaven. This is northern California tro ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Glenburn, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: The lower Feather spills out of Lake Oroville and flows 50 miles south through the Central Valley. Before the Oroville Dam was built, the lower Feather was one of the state’s top salmon rivers. Curren ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Oroville, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: This reservoir, just 30 minutes from Sacramento, is a wonderful place for largemouth and smallmouth bass action. Folsom is also a pretty darn good trout fishery. The roaring American River provides hi ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Folsom, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: This Sierra Nevada gem is a classic mountain impoundment and heaven for trout, trout, and trout! They patrol submerged timber, stump fields, and stick-ups as their primary habitat, and the water is us ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Auburn, CA - Fly-Fishing
... Preview: Frenchman Lake is a deep human-made impoundment about an hour’s drive from Reno, 20 miles east of Lake Davis, and seven miles north of the town of Chilcoot, California. Dave Stanley at the Reno Fly Sh ... From the guidebook "Fly Fishing California"
Susanville, CA - Fly-Fishing

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